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Mysterious Black ‘Spinning Disc’ UFO That Emerged From Swirling Alien Portal Spotted Over Ohio, UFO Fanatics Claim [Video]

Bizarre footage purporting to show a UFO gliding slowly and silently over a neighborhood after emerging from an alien portal has gone viral online. The alleged UFO sighting last Friday, over a neighborhood in Cleveland, Ohio, caused a stir among stunned residents who filmed the mysterious, “spinning,” big, black, disc-shaped craft, according to UFO hunters.

Residents can be heard gasping in shock as the UFO glides slowly and silently across the sky after allegedly emerging from “menacing” swirling dark clouds, according to UFO hunters.

The weird footage (see below), uploaded to YouTube on June 13, 2016, by UFO and alien hunter Secureteam10, has gone viral online. It has been viewed more than 120,000 times by UFO enthusiasts and fans of the YouTube channel. But UFO skeptics claim the footage is fake.

The footage appears to show a mysterious, black, disc-shaped object that spins as it glides across the sky.

Secureteam10’s Tyler Glockner explains that the UFO was filmed late on Friday at about 9:45 p.m. According to Glockner, the UFO is the latest of a series of recent UFO sightings over Ohio.

He describes the UFO as “classic disc or saucer-shaped,” with a solid three-dimensional structure and no visible engine or rotor blades. It has a flat top surrounded by a ring-shaped structure. The flat top appears to have structures that looked like a circuitry board, according to Glockner.

Two witnesses filming the object react with shock and disbelief.

“Oh my God,” a woman filming the mysterious UFO cries in shock.

“We don’t know what this is; [is this a] craft?” a man comments apparently for the benefit of viewers of the video.

As the woman films the mysterious black object moving in the air, she shouts excitedly, “It is spinning. I can’t focus. It’s freaking crazy; Oh my God.”

“What the hell is this? What the f*** is it? See what I’m saying, a f***ing craft,” the man says.

“I thought you were bulls****ing when you claimed it’s a craft,” the woman says.

Glockner claims that after he received the footage from the Cleveland pair who filmed it, he was reluctant to upload it to his YouTube channel because he could not confirm its authenticity.

“I don’t like to waste viewers’ time with blurry videos, balloons flying, and the sources said clearly that it was not a balloon,” Glockner says.

He claims he became convinced that the footage was genuine when a second witness corroborated the sighting independently. The second witness, a nursing student, snapped a series of photographs of the UFO and sent it to Secureteam 10, according to Glockner.

“I wasn’t sure whether to post it until I got the second email from the same area, a nursing student,” he continues, “She was walking out to her car and witnessed this same object moving slowly through the sky, same black, disc-shaped object.”

The nursing student was unable to take a video because her phone did not have storage space. Details of weather conditions at the time the nursing student photographed the UFO also matched the testimony of the original witnesses who filmed the UFO, according to Glockner.

The nursing student reportedly said that when she went to class earlier in the day it was sunny, but suddenly, mysterious dark swirling clouds appeared “out of nowhere.”

“Earlier that day when she went to class it was completely sunny out and then it was almost as if these strange swirling dark clouds appeared out of nowhere,” Glockner says. “She noticed these menacing clouds that formed a ring around this object and only seemed to appear where this object was.”

The sighting sparked discussion on YouTube, with some viewers agreeing with Glockner that the UFO was obviously a “solid” alien craft with “circuitry” visible on top of it.

One viewer wondered why aliens come all the way from star systems light years away only to float in the sky so people can see them.

Another viewer — apparently a non-American — wondered why Americans don’t simply shoot down the UFOs since everyone has a gun in America.

Someone suggested it would be wiser to simply shoot down “brainless people” who ask silly questions.

A viewer marveled at the advanced alien anti-gravity technology that is able to float silently and effortlessly from “San Francisco to London” in a matter of minutes. The viewer wanted to know how anti-gravity works but no one offered an explanation.

However, skeptics expressed doubt about the authenticity of the footage. One skeptic accused the YouTube channel of forgery and alleged that the supposedly “classic disc shaped saucer with rings around it” was actually created using a “watch battery.”

Another skeptic tried to debunk the 13-minute video by suggesting that the images of alien UFOs were Photoshopped into the frame.

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