Florida Woman Roseanna Kline

Florida Woman Allegedly Poured Vodka In Child’s Eyes At Motel Pool

A Florida woman has been arrested on accusations associated with an incident that reportedly took place in Clearwater on Monday evening. The Dreamin’ Demon stated that 23-year-old Roseanna Kiser lost her temper with a group of children during last week’s incident, which resulted in her arrest and several charges. The details surrounding this case are rather shocking, especially since the children involved in the incident were not known to the woman accused of assaulting one of them.

WFLA News reports that Kiser was drinking at the Sheraton Sand Key Motel, alongside the pool where several children were playing. The Florida woman reportedly became agitated with the group of young kids — none of which knew her — while they were being rowdy and having fun, splashing in the water. Her agitation soon escalated to anger, however, when one of the kids splashed water a little too close to her.

Authorities and witnesses say that she grabbed her bottle of vodka and opened it, before pouring it into the seven-year-old boy’s eyes and on his face. After she allegedly poured the high-proof alcohol into the boy’s face, she reportedly grabbed him by his chest and shoved him into the water away from her. Reports haven’t specified on whether or not the boy suffered from any visible injuries that may have resulted from the alleged assault. The child is also not being named in media reports.

Pinellas County authorities were called to the scene, where they immediately arrested the apparently intoxicated young woman. Kiser allegedly kicked one of the arresting officer’s in his groin area, using the heel of her foot, while she was being arrested.

This isn’t the first time alcohol has played a role in tragedies and incidents of abuse involving children. In 2015, a Kenosha woman reportedly used vodka to mix her baby’s formula, instead of water. This was supposedly an accident, but it resulted in the father of the infant allegedly assaulting the woman. At the time of the incident, authorities declared that they wouldn’t likely press charges on the Kenosha mom.

Earlier this year, an infant in Alberta, Canada fell into a bucket of homemade alcohol. This resulted in his tragic drowning death, and the public outcry for better support to prevent future incidents.

Earlier this year, a Tennessee woman was sentenced to more than a decade of imprisonment for putting vodka in a baby’s bottle. The nearly fatal incident took place in October 2015. Authorities arrested Heather M. Oakes who reportedly put vodka in the bottle for one of her twin baby’s. However, she claimed that it was an accident. The child was lucky to survive, and has since been placed in the custody of a caregiver (along with his twin). If Heather completes approximately 30 percent of her prison sentence, she will become eligible for parole. Do you think Heather’s punishment fit the crime, if it was truly an accident? Should this sort of crime carry a hefty punishment regardless of it being intentional or not?

As for this latest case, Florida woman Roseanna Kline has been charged with felony child abuse and assault on a police officer. She was able to post bond in the amount of nearly $13k, and has since been freed from jail. Reports have also indicated that she currently resides in North Carolina, but it looks like she’s going to find long-term residency in the Sunshine State if she is convicted of the charges she was given.

[Image via Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office]