Miley Cyrus Has Something In Common With Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton Defends Miley Cyrus’ Addition To ‘The Voice,’ Miley’s Relationship With Liam Hemsworth Gives Her Something In Common With Blake

Miley Cyrus will come in like a wrecking ball and shake up The Voice coaching panel this September, and some fans of the show aren’t happy that she’s taking one of the rotating red seats previously occupied by Pharrell Williams and Christina Aguilera. However, Blake Shelton sees Miley’s addition to The Voice cast as a positive thing.

As reported by Taste of Country, Blake Shelton shared his thoughts about Miley Cyrus during a recent interview with Access Hollywood. He and Miley will be rivals on The Voice, so Blake joked that he doesn’t want the “We Can’t Stop” singer to do a good job choosing her singers to coach.

“God, I hope [Miley] sucks,” Shelton said. “But I have a feeling she probably won’t.”

According to The Wrap, many fans of The Voice disagree with Blake Shelton’s assessment of Miley Cyrus. When it was announced that she and Alicia Keys would be joining the show, angry viewers flooded social media with negative comments about her casting. Many viewers threatened not to watch Season 11 because of Miley, and some even quit watching Season 10 during the time period Miley appeared on the show as the teams’ key adviser.

“So when did The Voice become so desperate as to allow Miley to be on the show. Will continue to watch when she is not on,” one viewer wrote on the show’s Facebook page.

“We want to watch The Voice, but can’t stomach Miley. Going to skip The Voice this week again. When she is gone, we will watch again,” another commented.

However, Blake Shelton is trying to convince fans to give Miley Cyrus a chance by pointing out that she’ll bring a fresh perspective to the show. Blake also believes that Miley will work hard to prove that she’s professional and belongs there. In other words, she’s not going to tell all the singers on her team that the secret to success is to twerk with your tongue out while wearing a marijuana leaf thong and nipple pasties.

“I think she’ll probably work hard at this because she’s definitely someone who thinks, obviously, thinks outside the box and so I know she’s going to bring her own elements, as far as mentoring, into the show,” Blake said. “I think The Voice needs it, I think we need her.”

Based on the way that viewers are reacting to Miley Cyrus being on the show, she’s going to need a friend like Blake to help her deal with all the negativity. Luckily, Blake says that he and the much younger singer will get along just fine. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he revealed that while he and Miley might seem like two people who would not get along — she’s a vegan and he’s an avid hunter, for example — they respect one another and consider each other friends.

“We completely understand each other, and just because she lives her life one way and I live my life one way doesn’t mean we’re not friends. Because, God, if that was the case, I wouldn’t have — especially in this town, Los Angeles — everyone would hate me,” Blake said.

Miley Cyrus and Blake Shelton do have one thing in common: their high-profile relationships with other celebrities. Blake is currently dating Gwen Stefani, and Miley Cyrus’ on-again, off-again relationship with The Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth is rumored to be back on in a very big way. As the Daily Mail reports, Miley and Liam called off their engagement in 2013, but Miley has recently started wearing her engagement ring again.

Liam Hemsworth refused to confirm or deny whether the wedding is back on during an interview for the June/July issue of Australia GQ.

“People will figure it out, they already have… They’re not dumb,” Liam said when asked about the re-engagement rumors.

Hemsworth dropped a hint about his relationship status when he opened up about his 2013 breakup from Miley Cyrus. He described the split as “a good decision at the time,” which seems to suggest that things are different now.

“Of course it was hard, man. But at the time we were going in different directions and it’s just what needed to happen. We were both super young and it was a good decision at the time – we both needed that.”

Maybe he and Miley Cyrus will invite Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani to the wedding.

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