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Teenager Claims She Was Gang Raped On A Carnival Cruise

gang rape carnival cruise

A 15-year-old teen girl claims she was gang raped by an adult male and a group of underage boys during a Carnival Cruise. According to the unnamed teenager, another Carnival Cruise passenger supplied her and a group of minor boys with alcohol and then “led” the gang rape.

Casey Dickerson of Casselberry, Florida was arrested on charges relating to the alleged gang rape of the 15-year-old teenager on the Carnival Sensation cruise ship, the New York Daily News reports. Casey Dickerson was traveling with his wife and denies engaging in the gang rape of the teen girl but did admit to providing alcohol to the group of minors on the Carnival Sensation, the Orlando Sentinel notes. Dickerson reportedly refused to discuss what happened in the room where the alcohol was shared with minors.

Carnival Cruise staffers allowed Casey Dickerson and his wife to relocate to a new cabin after the couple complained about noise, but they were also allowed to keep the original room. The Dickerson’s first Cruise Sensation cabin is where the alleged gang rape of the 15-year-old teen girl occurred.

The alleged victim, a friend, and four minor boys allegedly gathered in the Dickerson spare cabin for a “booze-filled” gathering. The 15-year-old girl reportedly told FBI agents she was raped by Dickerson and the boys while her friend was held inside the Carnival Cruise cabin bathroom. The victim also maintains the minor boys answered a knock at the door at some point during the alleged gang rape.

The alleged gang rape victim and her friend were reportedly allowed to leave later in the evening. The 15-year-old teenager visited the Carnival Cruise medical aid center for an evaluation. Casey Dickerson reportedly told FBI agents he had engaged in sex with other women during the Carnival Sensation cruise but denies the alleged gang rape victim was one of them. The minor boys have not yet been charged in the alleged Carnival Cruise gang rape, but the investigation is ongoing.

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3 Responses to “Teenager Claims She Was Gang Raped On A Carnival Cruise”

  1. Cassie Orellana

    See, that's why rape victims often times don't come out with it. Even the title makes it sound like she might not be telling the truth. She "claims" she was raped. You work in a media source, you can change the way victims are seen, and in turn change how frequently they stand up for themselves and their rights as human beings. Just saying, try using different wording next time.

  2. Matthew William Millett

    It is a sad truth that the innocent until proven guilty theory puts the victim under an undue amount of scrutiny while the "suspect" still gets the benefit of the doubt even if he is caught in the act. However it is better than anyone being able to claim anything and having it immediately taken as fact, remember the duke lacrosse team that was accused of rape that was eventually proven to be an extortion scheme. I do believe we need to do a lot more for victims and make rape a capital crime.

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