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Rodell Vereen charged with buggery for horse-lovin’… again


Serial horse-shagger Rodell Vereen was charged with buggery and trespassing again… while on probation for buggering the same horse.

The horse’s owner, Barbara Kenley, owns the “Lazy B Stables” in Conway, SC. The bad-ass, shotgun bearing Ms. Kenley caught Vereen with his pants down and in the middle of a tender moment with Sugar, Barbara’s 21-year-old horse. Vereen was jailed for shagging Sugar back in 2007, and Ms. Kenley thought that Sugar’s troubles were over when he was convicted.

Not so. Surveillance cameras, installed after Sugar was assaulted the first time, revealed a human-on-horse act in the stables on July 19th. Sugar’s unwelcome Romeo was indeed back. Kenley alerted police, but the police were unable to identify Sugar’s attacker in the CCTV footage. Kenley knew, however, that Vereen would be unable to stay away, and this time she was ready.

Kenley describes confronting the man who defiled her filly:

“I wanted to catch him firsthand,” she said. “It was just a matter of time before I caught him.”

When Kenley pointed a shotgun at Vereen, he claimed to be looking for a bathroom.

“I told him he was full of crap,” Kenley said. “He apologized and said he didn’t mean to hurt me.”

For the record, buggery is defined similarly to sodomy. Anything further you’ll have to Google on your own, honey.

[Source: NYDN]

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11 Responses to “Rodell Vereen charged with buggery for horse-lovin’… again”

  1. jabezwright

    That's just plain nasty. I hope that horse is not scared for life.

  2. annon.

    And yet you dont hear anything about what the horse was doing. You know, the stalls are pretty big. Sure it was wrong, but if the horse didn't want it she would have kicked him. Gotta think about that.

  3. Vanessa Rivers

    this was his second time with same horse he got caught twice ewwww!!!!!

  4. Faheem Thesonofacowboy Ali

    Vanessa Rivers that horse must had some good stuff lol

  5. Vanessa Rivers

    Faheem Thesonofacowboy Ali they have porn for people having sex with dogs n horses n u would think they r women n men they way those freaks r getting off!!!!!

  6. Faheem Thesonofacowboy Ali

    Vanessa Rivers right, im like how the hell do you get aroused by a damn animal lol

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