Mary-Kate and Ashley museum exhibit

Mary-Kate And Ashley Don’t Visit Their Own Museum Exhibit, But Finally Learn How To Use Instagram

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen hiding from the paparazzi is now an official exhibit organized by the THNK1994 Museum, according to USA Today. And although fans won’t be able to see the exhibit for themselves anymore, as it ended on May 1, several of the original paintings are available to be purchased online.

Matt Harkins and Viviana Olen, the curators of the museum, were inspired to organize a pop-up museum after they saw drawings of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen hiding from paparazzi in different situations. The drawings were made by an artist named Laura Collins, who submitted her work to Harkins and Olen.

And the two decided to do a pop-up museum featuring portraits of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen hiding from paparazzi at 563 Grand Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The exhibit exited the building of the museum on May 1, and neither Mary-Kate nor Ashley showed up.

But both Harkins and Olen really hoped the two would show up in their disguises. Well, looks like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are busy hiding from the public eye. However, the twins regularly show up on red carpets to remind the media and fans of their existence. It’s usually fashion events that attract the twins.

Dave Coulier, best known for his role as Joey Gladstone on Full House, explained why he didn’t visit the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen exhibit, according to E! Online. During his recent Reddit AMA, Coulier talked about his co-stars from Full House, which ran in the period between 1987 and 1995.

And although Coulier thinks the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen exhibit is awesome, the reason why he didn’t stop by was simply because he didn’t have the time.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen recently surprised their fans with their first-ever public selfie, according to Self Magazine. It’s a rarity to see the twins take photographs of themselves, as the two have kept a low profile for several years now.

And while Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen make regular appearances on red carpets of fashion events, the two do their best to avoid paparazzi. In addition to that, the twins don’t post on social media much.

But could their first-ever public selfie mean that the twins will at least have a more or less active presence on social media? Or could it mean that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are poised to make their first joint onscreen appearance since their 2004 movie New York Minute?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen took over the Instagram account of Sephora, a cosmetics shop that sells beauty products, to post their first-ever public selfie. And the twins’ fans went crazy!

First public selfie ever ???? ???? @ElizandJames #SephoraTakeover

A photo posted by Sephora (@sephora) on

“First public selfie ever”

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen wrote in the caption that it was their first-ever public selfie. Well, given that Facebook has been around for over a decade and Instagram has been gaining its popularity for several years straight, it comes as a surprise to see that such high-profile celebrities as the twins waited this long.

Their black-and-white selfie currently has more than 75,000 likes, and it features Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen with their signature oversized shades. The decision to take their first public selfie comes as a move to promote their fashion and fragrance brand, Elizabeth and James.
In fact, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen took over Sephora’s Instagram account for 24 hours and managed to post other pictures, which mostly featured gorgeous outfits and salads. But the twins’ fans shouldn’t get their hopes too high, as it doesn’t seem the duo will be creating their own Instagram accounts anytime soon.

In their last post on Sephora’s account, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen wrote it was their “first and last day as official Instagrammers.”

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