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Dog News: ‘Hero’ Trooper Rescues Canine, Golden Retriever Gets Dental Braces

The latest dog news will have you warm and fuzzy over an animal rescue, and another involves dental work and will have you scratching your noggin.

Joe Swisher, a state trooper in Indiana, is being hailed as a hero after saving a frightened dog that was trapped on the dangerous roads of a highway, according to nixle.

While on US 24 in Wabash County, Swisher noticed that many vehicles on the road were driving erratically, as though the drivers were trying to avoid having a vehicular accident. Upon further inspection, Swisher was shocked to see that the cars were trying to avoid running over a dog that was running through oncoming traffic.

After discovering the stray animal, Swisher was able to lead her away from traffic by using his car’s air horn to scare the canine from the highway and the side of the road. After the dog was in a safe place, Trooper Swisher carefully pulled up next to the animal and lured her into his cruiser. His efforts paid off in the end.

Following a brief investigation, officers learned that the dog had escaped from a kennel remarkably close to the highway and the lost animal’s location when it was in distress. Thanks to the identification tags on the dog, the trooper learned her name (Sadie), and the site of the kennel from where she escaped.

In the end, Sadie was returned to the kennel safe and sound.

Meanwhile, Trooper Swisher was simply glad that the dog was not harmed before he could reach her. Moreover, he was elated that he saved the dog before something tragic occurred. Additionally, Swisher (now affectionately called “Hero”) is receiving praise from many people on social media for his heroic animal rescue.

Now, here’s a story about a dog who, like many human kids, goes to the dentist, most notably, a orthodontist.

In Spring Lake, Michigan, Molly Moore works with her father at Harborfront Hospital. Since she took him in, Moore’s Golden Retriever, Wesley, has been jubilant to be a member of the family and often very cheerful.

However, when Wesley’s baby teeth began to fall out, and his adult teeth came in, they began to cause the pet some discomfort, as Moore explained.

“Once his adult teeth started coming out, we noticed they were coming in wrong, and he was unable to close his mouth fully. He wasn’t playing with his toys, and he was losing weight. It was very worrying for me, and we needed to do something for him to be pain-free and live a happy puppy life.”

Lucky for Wesley, his owner’s father, Jim, is not just a member of a veterinary hospital; he works as a dentist for animals. After some discussion, Jim decided that there was only one solution: braces.

“We don’t place braces or any oral appliances in the mouth for aesthetics. We do this for pain or function.”

“A lot of people don’t understand,” Molly added. “They think we did this so he won’t get picked on in the playground, but there’s a serious medical reason.”

According to Jim, this procedure is not done often; he only performs it four times per year. However, the process was straightforward and went off without a hitch. As a result, Wesley is getting relief from his adult teeth, according to Molly.

“He’s just so cute with them on. I feel like that’s what I looked like when I got braces at 12.”

Unlike his owner, Wesley does not have to wear the braces for a lengthy period. Instead, the pooch only has to wear them for a few weeks, though he doesn’t seem the least bit concerned.

[Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images]