Mom Finds Slimy Razor Blade In Daughter’s Wendy’s Soda Cup

In yet another tale of disgusting foreign items found in fast food purchases, a New Hampshire mom reports finding a slimy razor blade at the bottom of a soda cup that she bought for her daughter at a local Wendy’s on Friday. To make matters worse, her daughter had already consumed about one-fourth of the soda before the discovery was made. Aubrey Simonds said that the whole incident made her “sick to her stomach.”

According to the Daily Mail, Simonds and her daughter were at the Wendy’s located on Winchester Street in Keene when the offending item was found.

Aubrey Simonds was so upset over the incident that she made a post on her Facebook page about what transpired along with photos that clearly show the blade covered in black-brown slime alongside a straw at the bottom of a cup of clear soda in one of Wendy’s signature red cups.

“I am beside myself, sick to my stomach, shaky, disgusted and so THANKFUL my child didn’t get hurt from this…”

After finding the blade, she immediately reported it to Wendy’s management and to local police. Her report of the incident triggered investigations by both Wendy’s and the city’s health department after they were contacted by the Keene Police Department, reports Fox News.

By Simonds’s report in her Facebook post, Wendy’s management did take the allegation seriously and took immediate action.

“…The district manager is starting an investigation so I’m glad they are taking this seriously as things could have been much worse but my poor little girl drank whatever nastiness this is.”

Though not at all comforting, an explanation of the razor blade’s presence was presented by John L. Rogers, the city’s acting health director. A cleaning company was employed to clean the restaurant the day before, and frequently razor blades are used to facilitate the scraping of food debris and cooking oils from the commercial stove hoods and other kitchen surfaces. His office believes that the razor blade in question was used by one of the cleaning company’s employees for just that purpose and that that employee threw the razor blade away after finishing with it. It is further believed that a restaurant employee found the razor in the trash and removed it so that other employees would not be injured by it and that that employee put it in a cup with the intention of disposing of it later. Somehow in the shuffle, yet another employee filled the cup with the soda that Ms. Simonds ordered for her child.

The franchise that operates the Keene’s Wendy’s is conducting its own investigation. Jennifer Zullo, director of operations, said on Monday that she has personally reached out to the family to extend an apology in regards to the incident.

“An unfortunate chain of events led to a bad accident.”

Zullo also stated that her office has contacted the contract cleaning company to make them aware of what happened. She also says that it was reiterated to them that the type of razor blade discovered in the young girl’s cup is not permitted inside restaurants.

Thankfully, Simonds told commenters on her Facebook page that her daughter has suffered no ill effects from the incident and is doing fine. She has declined, though, through her family, to make any statements to the press until all of the investigations into the matter have been completed.

The health department will not be taking action against the restaurant as they say that this is a one-time event and the investigation is still ongoing. They did encourage Wendy’s to review their training and cleaning procedures, and the restaurant is planning to do just that, according to Zullo.

“Nothing is more important to us than our customers and the integrity of our food at Wendy’s.”

Zullo also told the Sentinel Source that this is the first time in 40 years that this particular location has had anything like this to happen.

So where will you be eating for lunch today?

[Image via Twitter]