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ObamaCare Anyone? Barack Obama’s Brother, George Obama, Asks Conservative Author For Help Paying Hospital Bill

Dinesh D'Souza George Obama

Does Obama “care” about his half brother George? Author Dinesh D’Souza, the director of 2016: Obama’s America (shown above sitting next to George Obama) thinks not

In a editorial posted at Fox, D’Souza claims that George asked him, rather than his brother the president of the United States, for $1,000 to cover a hospital bill for George’s son. D’Souza, who presumably became acquainted with George Obama while filming the anti-Barack Obama documentary, wired the money to George in Kenya.

George Obama, who lives in a rundown section of Nairobi, told D’Souza that he had no one else to ask, and said that “Dinesh, you are like a brother to me.”

George Obama, who has a questionable past, has also evidently been denied a tourist visa to enter the US even though his mother resides in Georgia.

Dinesh D’Souza suggests that the lack of a relationship between the two sons of Barack Obama Sr., along with the allegation that Barack Obama “has not contributed a penny to help his own brother,”could be ideological in nature:

From the record of their lives and writings, it’s clear that Barack Obama Sr. and Barack Obama Jr. both share the anti-colonial view that blames Western colonial exploitation for the poverty and suffering of the Third World. Yet George doesn’t buy it…George believes that poor countries should take responsibility for their own situation

As The Inquisitr has previously reported, 2016: Obama’s America based on D’Souza’s book grossed more than $31,750 from the recent two-day screening in Texas, a solid showing for an independently released film.

Family dynamics are often complicated, and there may be more to this story, but do you think that Barack Obama has an obligation to be more helpful to his relatives?

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37 Responses to “ObamaCare Anyone? Barack Obama’s Brother, George Obama, Asks Conservative Author For Help Paying Hospital Bill”

  1. Anonymous

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  2. Amy O'Donnell

    He's certainly not obligated to pay for his kin…but I guess he'll teach him to vote Democrat once the fake paperwork is finished.

  3. Hervette Nesmith Heinrich

    Nope…he doesn't. What if Obama was just a poor working stiff do you think his brother would be talking to the news and pulling the "poor, poor pitiful me" ticket? Nope, he'd be getting his ass out and making his way in the world. I'm sure the president cares about his brother, but seriously, how is a hand out going to help him help himself? And we don't know that Obama hasn't helped George and he just squandered the money! I'm sure a lot of people have family they wouldn't help or they have helped in the past but won't help again. And it's really funny how many relatives want to reconnect with you when you have money!

  4. Pi Stewart

    What a load of conjecture and utter bs. They even admit that George never asked Barack. They've seen each other twice in their lives, and someone is surprised that they aren't bosom buddies? He never had the chance to help or deny help. He obviously didn't refuse, having never been given the chance to. What, should he call all 7 of his siblings daily and ask if there's any new medical emergencies or utility bills or credit cards that he could please help with? He's the baby of 8. Grow up. I'm the baby of 13 and I'm constantly helping those irresponsible $hit$ out of the life they've made for themselves. But, sometimes I say no. More often than that, I just haven't heard that they want help. If someone doesn't bring it to my attention, I am not aware of it. Not that my life is so leisurely and idyllic as and so full of free time as the President of the United States, but I don't always hear everything. What little I do hear comes from our mother. That's right, we're not all bosom buddies who have tea as a group every afternoon before heading to the cinema. How many of you are going to pretend to be shocked about that? Do I believe in helping my fellow man? Absolutely. No rubbish anyone prints about me will change that. However, I am not omniscient. Neither is your President; but, then, you knew that when you elected him.

  5. Beverlee Nelson

    Give me a break, Amy. Apparently you have no education and couldn't even QUALIFY to run for Senate, let alone President. Obama doesn't even KNOW this complaining freeloader. Google: "Obama's Accomplishments", certainly more than anything YOU have done for the country, despite Mitch McConnell stating he won't vote for ANYTHING Obama wants done, good or bad, because he wants Obama out of office. NICE. McConnell was sent to Washington to do the will of the people, NOT his own agenda. You should watch more programs than Hannity and Rush…might learn something.

  6. Ty Mcwilliams

    This is obviously a very difficult article for liberals to read. It paints their god in a very dark light. But the Presidents attitude towards his brother is very much in tune with the Leftist ideology, 'people don't help people, the gov't helps people'.

  7. Amy O'Donnell

    Thank you, Mr. McWilliams.

    FYI, Beverlee, I AM educated, and CAN run for office. What have I done for the country? I WORKED and paid taxes until I was LAID OFF this summer. And, FYI, I have NEVER watched either TV show, so your assumptions are incorrect.

    Obama's accomplishments? Give me a break. Most of us want Obama out of office–we're tired of the social experiment that keeps us all unemployed. You, apparently, are doing very well in *your* job, whatever location of Jack-In-The-Box you're working in. Or, are you living in your parent's attic like the rest of them?

    Next time, think about what they say about assume. . . .

  8. Peter Daniel Heerschap

    look I have to somewhat agree with you, but I also have to somewhat disagree. I personally think that whatever is between Obama and his brother is their business. but on the other hand i feel like the issue people are trying to raise is does Obama care about people who do not serve his political interest. I feel there is a lot to learn about how someone treats his family. there is no question that George has had plenty of times where he could have used help but maybe Obama doesn't care. honestly though I still personally give Obama some slack in the situation.

  9. Angela Fulton Weaver

    Why bash the brother? He DIDN'T ask his brother for the money, he asked someone he felt closer to. And to those who tell the man to go get a job, I have a job and couldn't come up with a thousand on the spot to pay a hospital either and this man lives in an African ghetto. Get real and leave the guy alone. The president obviously is aware of his brother's plight. If he wanted to help, he would. Some families don't help out, some do. Glad I'm in one that does because I would never want to rely on the government.

  10. Dan Hydar

    Beverlee Nelson ' President. Obama doesn't even KNOW this complaining freeloader'

    Wow. What an amazing double-standard. Imagine what you'd say if a Republican referred to someone on welfare as a 'complaining freeloader'. Note that *nobody* in the US is living on a dollar a day, while Obama's brother is doing just that, according to press reports.

    If Obama didn't make such a show of proclaiming his concern for the poor, this wouldn't be a valid political issue. But that boat has sailed.

  11. Octavio Calderon

    LOL..somebody who lives in a dirt floor hut with nothing to eat, ever, and he might not be aware that they need help? Like having to sell coal on the streets might not be a clue?

  12. Gary Thomson

    The answer to your ending question: Perhaps not an obligation but if he truly adheres to his own ideology, he is a hypocrite if doesn't.

  13. Tami Bell

    jesus amy- how about you marinate on the word assume for a few moments and then go right back up to your initial comment.

  14. Analyn Raquel

    George said in his interview that he does not need Barack's help directly. "He is taking care of bigger issues. He is helping the world, so he is helping me".

    Though, I would expect you would block that part out since you are blind to most obvious things.

  15. Analyn Raquel

    Amy, please stop talking. I really hope you don't vote. The last thing the world needs is another idiot voting.

  16. Analyn Raquel

    Amy, please stop talking. I really hope you don't vote. The last thing the world needs is another idiot voting.

  17. Anthony Sampogna

    You said a mouthful How is a handout going to help him help himsef………How is foodstamps, welfare, unemployment, Obamacare helping people get motivated to help themselves. Govt entitlement programs should be strictly monitored!!!!

  18. Larry Dungan

    Analyn, "This movie was totally not biased, right?" have you seen the movie? if not, how would you know one way or the other? because the "press" (Obama's lap-dogs) tells you that's what you are suppose to think?

  19. Amy O'Donnell

    Analyn Raquel I believe YOU are the idiot, since you obviously don't know what you're talking about. And yes, you're damn right I vote.

  20. Dan Hydar

    Analyn Raquel – "This movie was totally not biased, right?" It amuses me when people mention "bias" only when someone disagrees with them. What do you have against someone having a point of view? It's not pretending to be straight reporting (unlike, say, the major networks).

  21. Dan Hydar

    Analyn Raquel – That's "nice", but how hard is it for a millionaire like Obama to write out a check? Heck, he has aides to address and mail it.

  22. Dan Hydar

    Angela Fulton Weaver – Of course, it's not like the president doesn't know of his brother's plight. Why wouldn't he volunteer to help?

  23. Jennifer Sheehan

    President Obama has written personal checks to perfect strangers who have told him of their plight in letters sent through the mail. This guy is looking for a huge pay day from a guy who he may never have even met (as Barack's father separated from his mother when he was very young, remember?) but I don't think he wants it directly from Obama, I think he wants to use the fact that his half-sibling is president to make money off of books, films, and news interviews. We can't choose (most of) our family – remember that – we may have uncles/aunts/siblings/cousins, etc., that just do not make good choices in life. It's not under our control what they do as adults, nor is it under our control what our parents feed us as children!

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