Jordan Spieth, Girlfriend Annie Verret: Golf's Obsession With The Golden Couple

Jordan Spieth, Girlfriend Annie Verret: Golf’s Obsession With The Golden Couple

Jordan Spieth and girlfriend Annie Verret hold a very special place in the hearts of golf fans the world over, and never more so than after Spieth celebrated his Masters 2015 win by kissing his high school sweetheart moments after clinching the title.

With Spieth holding a slight lead coming into Sunday’s exciting final of the Masters 2016 tournament in Augusta, Georgia, fans of the golden couple are hoping not only that Spieth repeats his awesome win, but that they again get a glimpse of the gal who has held the golf superstar’s heart since they were kids.

As previously noted by the Inquisitr, Jordan Spieth and Annie Verret began their romance as high school sweethearts.

Annie Verret attended the all-girls Ursuline Academy in Dallas, Texas, while Spieth attended the all-boys Jesuit College Preparatory School nearby, according to Augusta.

For their respective college careers, Jordan and Annie separated to attend different schools. While Spieth attended the University of Texas, where he led the team in securing three events his freshman year, Verret studied business at Texas Tech, where she held a 4.0 GPA and appeared on both the dean’s list and President’s Honor Roll.

Despite the separation, Jordan and Annie’s romance never wavered. If anything, it became stronger.

After college, Spieth’s golfing career took off like a rocket, and Annie made her own mark working as an event coordinator at The First Tee of Greater Dallas, which helps underprivileged kids find a passion for the game of golf.

The couple’s maturity is what really hits home with fans of the golden couple. They are very private about their romance, and Annie keeps out of the spotlight, allowing her guy all they glory and attention. When she does attend his tournaments, she remains mostly undetected in the gallery.

Annie Verret keeps both her Twitter and Instagram accounts private, and while Jordan is more active on social media, it is rare that he features posts about his love life with Verret.

Success and money can be accompanied with many temptations, but so far, Spieth and Verret have maintained a united front despite all the attention.

Some media outlets, including Sports World News, argue that Spieth is young and rich and could possibly land anyone, and maybe should enjoy the spoils of his wealth and celebrity status. On the other hand, Verret has been with Spieth through every aspect of his career, and he knows he can trust her loyalty and her motives.

It is obvious that Jordan Spieth, 22, holds family as his No. 1 priority, and while he and Annie Verret are not married or engaged, he counts her as family. In an Instagram photo he posted in January, Spieth thanked JetBlue for taking his “family” home after a tournament in Kapalua, Hawaii. The photo featured the championship golfer, his parents, his beloved special-needs sister, Ellie, and his love, Annie Verret.

For such a young couple, Jordan and Annie are known for a level of maturity far beyond their years and celebrity status. In a column for the Washington Post, Thomas Boswell marveled at Jordan Spieth and the level head he brings to the sporting arena.

“In normal human development, 21-year-olds are only supposed to be partially formed, ill-suited to seeing all the sides of complicated issues, and at times they’re just jerks. Years later, that all gets sorted out, and we meet the person they become. Spieth has shattered that view. Many say he’s just what U.S. golf needs.”

In a world of celebrities that can’t seem to hold onto the things that matter most, fans of Jordan Spieth and his girlfriend, Annie Verret, continue to root for the couple that seem to defy the odds.

[Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images]