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Erika Girardi’s Husband Tom Girardi Fighting Back In Lawsuit: How He’s Fighting Back

Erika Girardi’s husband, Tom Girardi, made headlines yesterday when a former client decided to file a lawsuit against Tom. The headlines quickly spread because Tom comes across as an honorable lawyer. He clearly hasn’t made so much money over his long career from scamming people and never getting caught. So, when the news of the lawsuit surfaced in the news, people thought that either he had been caught once, or someone was using him for attention since his wife is making headlines on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

According to a new Radar Online report, Erika Girardi‘s husband, Tom Girardi, is now revealing that he doesn’t really worry too much about this kind of lawsuit because it doesn’t hold much merit. The lawsuit that was filed was for $130 million, but Tom and Erika can toast and celebrate because there was nothing to ever really worried about.

The reports claimed that Girardi was being sued, along with his firm, because a previous client was upset with how Tom had spent his money. He was being sued by Paul Kranich over allegations that they mishandled funds awarded in a class-action lawsuit against Lockheed. The Lockheed case is over 20 years old, and the lawyer, Peter Dion-Kindem, has lost cases against Girardi in the past.

“First of all, the Lockheed litigation was 20 years ago,” Tom Girardi told Radar Online, adding, “Dion-Kindem went and he sued us. The court threw the whole thing out, said ‘Forget about it, there’s no merit, etcetera. Then he goes and files another case! He goes door to door and got another guy and filed this thing. This is the fourth time he sued us.”

Tom Girardi explains that there is no case and every time he faces a lawsuit over something like this, the judge ends up throwing it out. But Tom may be tired of being accused of misusing his client’s money, and he’s tired of being sued over things that don’t even make it to the judge. So, now he’s thinking about how he can fight back and protect his reputation. As mentioned, this isn’t the first time that a client has tried to sue him.

“I think this is a matter for the state bar,” Girardi revealed, adding, “And I think the judge, when the judge hears these facts, he’ll sanction the heck out of him. Then we’re gonna sue him. This is crazy. It’s one thing if you file a case and maybe it isn’t quite correct, but once you’re told by the court that this is baloney, to go turn around in federal court and go file another one? I think he’s just nuts!”

According to the original lawsuit, former client Paul Kranich alleged that Tom Girardi was misusing the money that was awarded to him after a successful class action lawsuit. In the original documents, Kranich outlined what he guessed Tom had used the money on.

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“$250,000 to an aviation company owned by Girardi, $100,000 to a man believed to be Girardi’s divorce attorney – he has two ex wives, $350,000 to Western Bank for ‘fees’, $50 to an associate at the firm who never worked on the Lockheed case, $1 million to ‘Global Client Payments’ and allegedly more than $827,000 to ‘Lockheed Litigation’ plaintiffs – and even a $500,000 payment on a real estate escrow in which Giradi was involved and was unrelated to the Lockheed litigation,” reveals Reality Tea.

Erika Girardi has yet to say anything about the lawsuit, but one can imagine she will let her husband deal with work-related issues.

Editor’s note: a previous version of this story mistakenly identified Robert Finnerty as the party suing Tom Girardi and his firm, Girardi Keese. The Inquisitr’s editors apologize to Mr. Finnerty for this error.

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