Paris Jackson Prepares For 18th Birthday And The End Of Her Guardianship

Paris Jackson would make her late father Michael Jackson proud if he watched his daughter’s most recent videos, according to Radar Online. The 17-year-old, who recently bleached and cropped her hair, posted a number of videos on her social media account recently, showing off her music talent.

Paris Jackson has been approached by several top record labels lately, according to a source close to the family of the late King of Pop. Jackson’s daughter has recently posted a touching tribute to her father via her Instagram account.

In the photo, Paris Jackson is standing next to a mural featuring her late dad from the 80s. The girl’s fans noted that Paris bears a striking resemblance to Michael. And while Paris is pictured looking over her shoulder at her late father’s mural, smiling, the girl captioned the photo as “Archangel.”

Paris Jackson recently took to social media to complain about the pressure she has to deal with on daily basis due to the “expectations” from her fans.

“The expectations for my DAD were f*****g ridiculous. He didn’t owe you anything, yet he was ripped to shreds DAILY. I will not let that happen to me.”

It all started with Paris Jackson revealing she has been attending AA meetings earlier this month via her Instagram account. The daughter of Michael Jackson then received tons of criticism from her fans, which caused such a reaction from Paris.

After her post received several hundreds of comments, Paris Jackson responded to the criticism by saying she doesn’t like being criticized for not responding to comments. She then said she wouldn’t succumb to the same amount of pressure her late father received before his death on June 25, 2009.

Responding to her so-called “fans,” Paris Jackson said that this is “f******g ridiculous” that people “I DON’T EVEN KNOW” complain that she is not responding to their comments. The daughter of Michael Jackson claimed she has been “literally attacked on every f*****g thing I post.”

Paris Jackson told her fans to tone down their expectations, as she has AA meetings to go to, as well as family and personal obligations.

“I don’t know any of you. I appreciate the love and support, but the expectations are f*****g ridiculous.”

Paris Jackson is the second of Michael Jackson’s three children, and is the only daughter of the three.

The daughter of the King of Pop will be back in Los Angeles this year, after being transferred to a therapeutic girls’ boarding school in Utah after she had attempted to commit suicide.

Earlier this month, Paris Jackson was photographed having fun with two male friends on the streets of Malibu, California, according to Daily Mail. Paris was spotted walking around the city with a cup of Starbucks iced coffee.

Paris Jackson prepares for her 18th birthday in two days time, ready to finally be released from the guardianship of grandmother Katherine and cousin TJ Jackson. Paris turns 18 on April 3. Paris Jackson admits that she hasn’t celebrated her birthday since her father passed away, but apparently she has agreed to a birthday party this year to celebrate her 18th and finally being released from guardianship.

After the death of her father, Paris Jackson kept a low profile for several years, but the girl recently emerged on social media and became a star due to her transformation from the 11-year-old that Michael’s fans remember when the King of Pop died into a stunning young woman that she is now.

[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]