Kathryn Dennis, star of "Southern Charm"

Thomas Ravenel Calls ‘Southern Charm’ Season 3, Featuring His Drama With Kathryn Dennis, ‘A Bumpy Ride’

Season 3 of Southern Charm will be “a bumpy ride,” according to Thomas Ravenel himself. On Wednesday, Bravo released the teaser for the new season, which will premiere on Monday, April 4, at 9 p.m. ET. As expected, the preview shows that Thomas’ relationship drama with Kathryn Dennis, with whom he now has two young children with, will feature heavily in the new season.

Thomas tweeted his reaction to the preview. In one tweet, he expressed gratitude that he wasn’t in that many scenes shown on the preview.

Thomas’ tweet doesn’t seem to make sense since the preview shown on BravoTV.com, and which was released to the media, clearly shows Thomas in several scenes. Perhaps Thomas saw a different preview?

Thomas later did provide a link to an article showing the preview. He warned viewers to hang on to their seats because season 3 is going to be “a bumpy ride.”

The preview certainly shows a bumpy ride for Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis. One scene shows Patricia Altschul, mother of Whitney Sudler-Smith, telling Thomas that Kathryn needs to stay home with the children rather than going out to parties.

“She needs to stay home, take care of the babies, and quit worrying about going to parties.”

The next scene shows Thomas with Kathryn in what looks to be their daughter’s room. After seemingly having an argument, he says he’s leaving. Kathryn physically stops him and tells him to please sit down. After some more arguing, he finally makes his leave by climbing out of the window.

Co-star Craig Conover poked fun at the scene with a tweet. Thomas obviously found the humor in it as well since he re-tweeted Craig’s tweet.

In another scene, Thomas, who was playing polo, angrily takes his shirt and mic off in the field as he yells about Kathryn.

“See how many breakdowns she can have. Make a scene, take my baby away from me. I’m not putting up with this anymore.”

The season 3 preview also shows a bit of a love triangle. In one scene, Craig’s girlfriend asks him, “You think Whitney had feelings for Kathryn?” The next scene shows Craig telling Whitney, “I would be mad at a girl for sleeping with my best friend a week after she slept with me.” Furious, Whitney says that he’s “gonna kick his f**king a**” and walks off.

Craig’s comment seems to be a reference to the revelation in season 1 that Kathryn slept with Whitney after Thomas dumped her. Kathryn and Thomas ended up reconciling and they had a baby together, a girl they named Kensington.

On season 2 of Southern Charm, Kathryn and Thomas again had a very tumultuous relationship. The final episode showed Kathryn screaming and chasing after Thomas, after he declared that he wanted to end the relationship once and for all. On the season 2 reunion show, they hurled nasty accusations, including cheating accusations, at one another. There was, however, one moment when Thomas and Kathryn were on the same page. When Whitney accused Kathryn of having a baby in order to secure a spot on the show, Thomas admitted that he himself wanted a baby.

Shockingly, Thomas and Kathryn seemingly reconciled and began another attempt at a relationship shortly after filming the season 2 reunion show. They had another baby, a boy they have named St. Julien. He was born in early November, 2015.

Yet Kathryn’s pregnancy with their second child didn’t mean an end to their troubles. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a video emerged in August, 2015, of Thomas arriving at a Florida hotel with another woman. The video, purportedly filmed by the boyfriend of the woman Thomas was with, shows the boyfriend angrily confronting Thomas about being with his girlfriend.

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As the Inquisitr reported, in December, 2015, Thomas even accused Kathryn of doing drugs while pregnant with their son.

Just last week, Kathryn Dennis lashed out at Thomas Ravenel on social media, calling him out for cheating on her and not paying child support. As reported by The Daily Dish, Thomas countered Kathryn’s claims by stating that she is restricting his access to the children as punishment, that he’s already paying adequate child support, and that she won’t respond to his offers to pay more child support in return for joint custody.

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