Video Shows ‘Southern Charm’ Thomas Ravenel Fighting With BF Of Woman, Cheating On Kathryn Dennis?

Is Thomas Ravenel cheating on Kathryn Calhoun Dennis again? On Thursday, All About The Tea posted a video that purportedly shows Thomas getting into a fight with the boyfriend of a woman he picked up through Facebook.

A source told the website that Thomas, one of the stars of Southern Charm, began corresponding with the woman, described as a “Florida based, part time flight attendant, interior designer, and model who is obsessed with reality television,” after her modeling photos posted on Facebook caught his eye. According to the source, Thomas made a deal with the woman: he would land her a spot on the reality TV show if she met up with him for three nights of fun at a hotel.

The source claims that a deal was struck and so Thomas flew down to Florida and booked a room at the Emerald Grande hotel in Destin, Florida. The website states that the two pulled up to the hotel in a black car at 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday, August 12. The boyfriend of the woman apparently found out about what was happening and angrily went to the hotel to confront Thomas and his cheating girlfriend.

A video posted on the website, shot by the boyfriend, shows him asking Thomas, as he’s about to get in the car, if the girl he’s with told him that she lives in the area with a man named Walton. When Thomas puts his hand up and tells the man to stop videotaping, the man replies, “No I’m videotaping. This is good. I can sell this.”

“You know she’s an alcoholic and drug addict and a prostitute? This is gonna be good” the man tells Thomas.

At that moment a scuffle, apparently between the man and Thomas, happens. The man can be heard telling someone to give him back his phone while Thomas yells for people to call the cops.

The video later shows the man, at a distance from Thomas and the woman, a leggy blonde wearing a skin-tight black dress, explaining to a security guard that the woman lives with him and that Thomas, a reality TV star, just flew in from out of town.

It’s not clear whether Kathryn Calhoun Dennis is aware of the video and the man’s claims yet. Kathryn’s tumultuous on-and-off relationship with Thomas, with whom she has a young daughter, has been chronicled on two seasons of Southern Charm. On the season 2 finale, Kathryn screamed and chased after Thomas after he told her that he was done with the relationship. On the reunion show, the two hurled insults and accusations at one another. Kathryn accused Thomas of cheating on her with a lesbian at a hotel and not financially supporting her and their daughter.

Yet by the time the finale aired, the two were back together. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kathryn posted a photo of herself with Thomas, getting ready to watch the finale. Shortly after, she posted a photo that suggested that she and her daughter were moving back in with Thomas.

Perhaps Kathryn doesn’t actually care about what Thomas does now because they’re broken up again? As the Inquisitr reported, Kathryn, in late July, posted a message about a queen without her king still being a queen, hinting that she and Thomas had split again.

Kathryn Calhoun Dennis has also hinted that filming for season 3 of Southern Charm has already begun. On Wednesday, she posted a photo of herself with a man and said that the adventures are beginning again. A commentator wrote that the man in the photo works for a production company. Kathryn’s message also prompted speculation that she’s pregnant again due to the baby feet image that she included. Could she and Thomas Ravenel really be expecting again?


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