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Let’s Talk About Niall Horan And Selena Gomez: They Were Never A Thing

Some days, fans of Niall Horan and One Direction must shake their heads in despair. Niall himself must want to lock himself in a closet and shut out the world. It is probably fair to say that when it comes to fake girlfriend stories, Niall’s bandmate, Harry Styles, rules the One Direction roost, although it seems that Louis Tomlinson and Niall are coming up on the rails. In early December, Horan was hanging out with Selena Gomez, so the tabloids immediately had Niall and Selena painted as the celebrity romance of 2016.

In mid-December, One Direction appeared on James Corden’s show and during a game of “date, marry, avoid,” Niall was asked who he would marry from a choice of Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Tina Fey. Naturally, Niall chose Selena. As he was hanging out with her, it would have been rather awkward otherwise. The next day, the Mirror claimed that “Niall Horan has shockingly confessed to James Corden” that he wanted to marry Selena.

Horan and his One Direction bandmates must get heartily sick of this kind of treatment from the tabloids. It seems that Niall only has to talk to a girl before the tabloids are urging the mothers of both parties to buy a new hat for the wedding. Over the New Year period, the celebrity gossip columns were hunting for Horan in Bali as Gomez was enjoying a break on the holiday island.

They need not have bothered. As was reported in The Inquisitr at the time, Horan was in London watching soccer and attending the finals of the world darts championship.

In mid-January, Niall shot off to Australia to combine his love of sport with the opportunity to catch some sunshine and escape the dreadful British weather. When Horan attended a cricket match, he happened to sit beside a soap opera actress named Olympia Valance. Wow! Niall sat next to a girl, so they must be dating. At least, that is what the Daily Mail would have us believe as they reported that Horan “certainly wasn’t alone, with the blond heartthrob spotted sitting next to Neighbours starlet Olympia Valance and a group of friends in a corporate box.”

The Mail even helpfully informed us that Horan “visited the same Australian city this time last year.” That much is certainly true; after all One Direction did play a gig there early in their world tour.

Despite the fact that Niall was allegedly dating Olympia Valance, and the Mirror reporting that Selena had emphatically denied that she and Horan were anything more than friends, Hollywood Life claims today that the pair has “cooled off” their relationship. It seems that an anonymous source was keen to spill the dirt on Niall and Selena’s break-up.

“The reason why everything cooled was because Selena didn’t want to take anything further. Niall really was happy when they hooked up but now realizes it was a drunk hookup night that didn’t do anything more because Selena didn’t want it,”

So there you have it, an imaginary source spilling the beans on the imaginary break-up of an imaginary relationship. Interestingly, Gossip Cop launched a scathing attack on Hollywood Life over the whole Horan and Gomez story line, even referring to the gossip site as “Hollywood Lies.”

Gossip Cop claims that every story about Horan and Gomez in Hollywood Life was “fabricated.” Sadly for Niall and his One Direction bandmates, this is an all-too-familiar story. Niall and his bandmates only need to be in the same state as a beautiful woman for the tabloids to start linking them.

All indications are that Horan’s representatives are happy to let these rumors run as it seems that they believe that all publicity is good publicity. As reported in The Inquisitr yesterday, there are many similarities between the way Horan and his bandmates are treated in the media and the experiences of the first X-Factor winner, Steve Brookstein.

Brookstein claims that Simon Cowell used his influence in the media to feed false stories to the press, and later, Cowell used those contacts to ruin Brookstein when he refused to play along.

Fans of One Direction will wonder if Cowell will use the same tactics against Horan and his bandmates if they try to break free of his influence. Many fans are sickened that these stories about Niall Horan and his bandmates are allowed to circulate without a word emerging from Horan’s camp.

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