Daniel Bryan and wife Brie

Brie Bella Of ‘Total Divas’ Speaks Out About Husband Daniel Bryan’s Retirement

Today, Daniel Bryan made the huge announcement that he was retiring from WWE immediately. Now, his wife Brie Bella of Total Divas is sharing her thoughts on retirement. Fans have been wondering all day how Brie feels about the decision and now she is revealing her take on it. E! Online shared what Brie Bella had to say about her husband Daniel’s life change.

At this time, there are really no details about why Brie’s husband Daniel is retiring. He went to Twitter today and simply shared the news.

“Due to medical reasons, effective immediately, I am announcing my retirement. Tonight on Raw, I’ll have a chance to elaborate. #gratitude.”


Now, Brie Bella is giving her thoughts on what is going on with Daniel. She is standing by her man and seems to be totally okay with what is going on. Brie Bella posted a photo that shows the two holding hands. In it, you can see Brie and Daniel’s wedding rings, showing their commitment to each other no matter what might happen. Then, Brie shared her thoughts about this hard time for her husband.

“A new journey awaits us and for the rest of our lives we’ll talk about this one. You have given so much hope and inspiration to people all over. We haven’t lost you, just get to see you in a different light. #thankyoudanielbryan #mystrength #mylove.”

As Brie Bella has explained, it isn’t over, but life will be different going forward. They will have to learn how to live their lives without WWE being such a big part of it, but there are always ways for Daniel to stay involved. He just won’t be in the ring anymore. Brie Bella says she still be his wife and by his side no matter what. It is great to see he has someone who is really there for him. Daniel might be really shocked for his career to be over just like that due to medical reasons.

WWE also posted a video on YouTube that showed Brie Bella reflecting on her husband’s career in the WWE. Brie is asked how she is doing, and she admits that she may get emotional talking about it all. Brie does share that has been really hard. Brie says that watching her husband’s dreams come to an end is difficult.

Brie Bella called him a boy who had his dreams come true and now they are being taken away from him. It seems clear that this was not something they were ready for, but it is happening regardless. Brie says he is grateful, and they still want to start a family. It sounds like it is the perfect time for Brie and Daniel to start a family, so fans might want to watch for this kind of news to be forthcoming from the couple. Now, they will have some time to focus on other things in their lives. Although this is a hard time for both of them, Brie seems like she is being a great wife and standing at her husband’s side through it all.

Are you shocked to hear that Daniel Bryan is leaving WWE? What do you think about his wife Brie Bella and her thoughts on how things are going to change? Sound off in the comments and don’t miss Brie on new episodes of Total Divas on Tuesday nights. You will want to want to watch Monday Night Raw, during which they will explain more about what has caused his retirement.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for WWE]