Wing Bowl brawl 2016

Brawl Erupts At Wing Bowl 24 In Philadelphia [Video]

A huge brawl broke out at Wing Bowl 24 in Philadelphia on Friday that was captured by cell phone cameras from various angles and uploaded to social media.

The Wing Bowl, billed as Philadelphia’s biggest party and game of bones, is an event in which participants attempt to eat as many chicken wings as possible with in a given time limit. Former WWE wrestler Mick Foley got ejected from the 2015 competition for cheating.

While security at today’s Super Bowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, is tight, NFL games and other legit pro and college sporting events (particularly but not exclusively football) unfortunately have a history of grown men and women wearing team jerseys — and likely fueled by adult beverages — getting into physical altercations as if in some fantasy world they are members of the team rather than just fans.

A full-on brawl at the Wing Bowl, which has a door-opening time of 5 a.m., is perhaps a first, however, as no bitter team rivalries are involved.

It’s unclear what prompted the morning melee (see NSFW for language footage embedded below) among the spectators at the Wells Fargo Center in the so-called City of Brotherly Love.

“Fights and people acting silly are expected when they are up early in the morning and drinking way before they should be. It looks like security eventually got a handle on the situation at hand, but not before some Wing Bowl spectators got into an altercation,” Fansided observed about the skirmish in the stands.

“Wing Bowl was co-founded by SportsRadio 94 WIP radio hosts Al Morganti and Angelo Cataldi more than 20 years ago. Roughly 150 people gathered at a hotel lobby in Center City to watch two competitors stuff their faces at the first Wing Bowl in 1993. The winner took home a hibachi…Now Wing Bowl annually sells out the 20,000-seat capacity Wells Fargo Center within minutes…,” explained about the event’s background.

Californian Molly Schuyler wound up winning Wing Bowl 24 by inhaling 429 chicken wings, thereby taking home $10,000 and a Harley-Davidson motorcyle. Patrick Bertoletti of Chicago finished in second place with 408 wings consumed, a reverse of last year’s order of finish. Six competitive eaters this year were disqualified for vomiting during Wing Bowl 24 based on the rules of engagement that stipulate that “you heave, you leave.”

Dennis Rodman was on hand as a special guest for the 2016 event, as was a dude who ate a cactus cheesesteak.

For many folks, chicken wings, a popular menu item at lots of Super Bowl parties, have become serious business. For example, a father and son team in upstate New York were charged in December with allegedly ripping off $41,000 worth of chicken wings from the restaurant where they worked.

A woman in the Orlando, Florida, area called 911, according to law enforcement authorities, because she wanted to place an order for cigarettes and chicken wings. She allegedly told the dispatcher on the evening in question that she need home delivery services otherwise she would pass out.

Elsewhere in Florida, a brawl broke out involving customers and employees at the deli counter of a Tampa-area Publix supermarket, with a bystander to the chaotic scene recording the encounter on cell phone video. Apparently the “beef,” as it were, got started over an order of chicken wings that went wrong.

In September 2015, things got wild outside a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in the Los Angeles area as jersey-wearing fans of the San Francisco 49ers, Pittsburgh Steelers, and other NFL teams brawled with each other, with the 49ers group getting the worst of it.

“The parking lots surrounding the stadium quickly filled up early Friday morning with tailgaters who weren’t letting a wintry mix keeping them from grilling hotdogs, cooking up breakfast sandwiches, and drinking plenty of beer,” added about Wing Bowl 24.

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