Chris Brown Not Charged For Alleged Las Vegas Nightclub Assault Against Brazilian Model

Chris Brown Not Charged For Alleged Las Vegas Nightclub Assault Against Brazilian Model

Chris Brown has dodged another huge legal battle after charges were not filed against the singer for an alleged assault inside a Las Vegas nightclub earlier this month. It was previously reported by TMZ that Brazilian model Liziane Gutierrez filed a police report, claiming Chris punched her during an after-party in Vegas. Of course, Chris Brown denied ever hitting her, claiming that Gutierrez was just upset about being denied entry into the club.

That’s not the story that Liziane Gutierrez told. The Brazilian model claims that Chris punched her in the right eye after yelling at her. The offense, according to Gutierrez, was that she took his picture while partying in the same club.

Rather than heading to the hospital to seek treatment for the supposed punch, Gutierrez reportedly just left the hotel and called the police. Law enforcement sided with Brown, claiming that there wasn’t any evidence of a Chris Brown beatdown. It didn’t hurt Breezy’s case that Gutierrez made similar claims about singer Jason Derulo in the past.

Apparently, Gutierrez had a run in with Jason Derulo back in August. It was then that the model claimed she was not allowed entrance to Derulo’s afterparty, which was no big deal and happens all the time. However Gutierrez claims after she was denied entrance, Jason Derulo tried to get the women who were inside to do some questionable (and according to TMZ, nasty) things. Of course, we have to wonder how Gutierrez knew what happened within the walls of Derulo’s hotel room since she wasn’t even allowed in.

As for Chris Brown, the singer isn’t commenting on what happened with Liziane Gutierrez leading up to her claims of a New Year’s Eve assault. His publicist is speaking out, though. Just days after the incident at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Brown’s publicist Nicole Perna issued a statement regarding Chris Brown and any confrontation he had with his accuser.

Liziane Gutierrez “was escorted out of the private after party at the Palms Casino Resort for being disruptive and out of control,” according to Nicole Perna. “Once she was in the hallway, while waiting for Chris Brown’s security to bring out her phone, she had a total meltdown — throwing her purse to the ground and claiming that she ‘could buy everyone in the hotel’ — as witnessed by numerous people waiting to get into the party.” Nicole went on to say, “The Palms Casino Resort security also saw her wild behavior via hotel security cameras and immediately came up to the hallway to escort her out of the hotel.”

While there has been no news as to whether Gutierrez will face charges for filing a false report against Chris Brown, she didn’t get off scot-free, either. Gutierrez is no longer welcome at one of Brown’s favorite hotspots. It was reported that Liziane Gutierrez was denied entry to 1OAK in Los Angeles after the incident. Reps of the club wouldn’t confirm that Gutierrez is now on the no-entry list, but she was seen being turned away.

Gutierrez hasn’t commented on the case against Chris Brown getting dropped. In the wake of the decision not to charge Brown, the Brazilian model has gone silent and has made her social media accounts private.

On the other hand, Chris Brown did post an angry message about the alleged assault earlier this month but has since deleted the post. In the now-deleted Instagram post, Chris wrote, “I’m going to be hella rich after all the lawsuits I file from these crazy individuals who keep lying on my name. Happy NEW YEAR!” Brown’s video response loaded to Instagram was also deleted but not before it was captured for longevity. You can watch the clip here but be forewarned that the video is laden with profanity and NSFW.

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