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Frozen Fish Taken Out Of Freezer, Brought Back To Life In Viral Video

The Internet is full of some strange things that not everyone can figure out, yet social media is still eating it up. Some may find the latest viral video very hard to explain and it’s really something you don’t see everyday. Actually, it may be something you’ve never seen. A fish that has been frozen solid is brought back to life with just a little water.

Yes, a fish is absolutely frozen solid, which is proven by the fact that a man takes it directly out of a freezer. At first glance, you may think it’s being prepared for consumption or something similar, but the group in the video have something else in mind.

The video started going viral after appearing on the Facebook page for Fishing and Boat ramp Fails. Since being posted on Jan. 22, it has been shared over 4,000 times and viewed over 201,000 times.

As The Daily Mail noted, there isn’t a lot known about who is in the video or where the man actually is. Those leaving comments on the page or YouTube video are trying to figure it out, and see if they know exactly what is going on.

Some believe the video to be fake or that some kind of special effect is at play. Others say this is quite common and something that can happen more often than you may think. One person even goes far enough to explain how it may happen for someone on a fishing trip.

“I’ve seen this in person dozens of time. Ice fishing in New England with extreme cold temperatures. Catch some yellow perch and they freeze almost instantly. Take them home and put them in the sink with water and they start swimming shortly after.”

It’s hard to believe that people would doubt the video’s authenticity, as seeing a fish go from frosted over and to return to life is strange. Viewers really expect the fish to float upon being placed in the tub of water, as it’s essentially a fish cube.

Yahoo isn’t even sure where the video originated from, but it does seem legit as the fish does start to wiggle around and then begin swimming after a little bit in the water.

This viral video comes about at the same time that scientists have brought back to life a creature called a tardigrade, or a “water bear,” as Tree Hugger reports it is more commonly known. The creature was frozen alive and has since been reanimated some 30 years later.

According to The Telegraph, the scientists had the microscopic creatures frozen for three decades and now decided to rejuvenate the water-dwelling organisms. The creatures were recovered back in 1983 from a frozen moss sample collected in Antarctica and stored at -20 degrees Celsius ever since.

After the two water bears were brought back to life, one died 20 days later, but there was much success with the other one. A third specimen was hatched from a frozen egg and it laid 19 eggs, 14 of which were successfully hatched.

This little experiment and revelation shows science at work and how the viral video of the frozen fish isn’t quite so far-fetched. Seeing a frozen fish taken out of a freezer, put into a tub of water, and then brought back to life to swim again is not just amazing to see, but it really could happen.

[Photo by Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg via Getty Images]