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Taylor Swift Is So Legendary That She Gets Her Own Tribute Concert

Want proof that Taylor Swift is a legend, despite not releasing her first album until 2006 and not having a mainstream hit album until 2008? Taste of Country has the news.

“Ryan Adams may have been the first artist to give a complete tribute to Taylor Swift’s fifth studio album, 1989, with his track-by-track re-recording, but he most certainly won’t be the last. In fact, several Nashville musicians will be paying tribute to Swift and her groundbreaking album in the form of a live concert in Music City.”

Taylor Swift Tribute
One wonders if Kanye West will show up for the Taylor Swift tribute. [Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment]
The article adds that Aubrey Peeples, Morgan Myles, Olivia Lane, Matthew Perryman Jones, Caroline Glaser, Zeke Duhon, Griffin House, and Alanna Royale will pay tribute to Swift at a local 1989 concert at City Winery Nashville on February 5. Money raised from the show will go to Musicians Corner, a free outdoor concert series that is held each spring and autumn at Centennial Park in Nashville.

The concert will take place on February 5, just 10 days before Taylor Swift is predicted to win several Grammys, including Album of the Year and Song of the Year. GoldDerby says Swift could make Grammy history.

“Taylor Swift could make Grammy history if she wins Album of the Year for her blockbuster pop crossover album 1989. She claimed this top award in 2009 for ‘Fearless’ when she was just 20, the youngest artist ever to do so. If she prevails again, she’ll be the first woman to win twice as a main album artist.

If Taylor Swift does walk away with the Grammys, there will likely be controversy from people who think Kendrick Lamar deserves most of the awards. Due to the current times, race will be brought up as well. According to People, Kendrick Lamar wants to sweep the Grammy Awards because he thinks the hip hop community deserves it.

“Ultimately, for the hip-hop community, I would love for us to win them all. Because we deserve that. Period. I want all of them. Because it’s not only a statement for myself, but it’s a statement for the culture. They’re all important, because of the foundation the forefathers laid before me.”

Kendrick Lamar Grammys
Kendrick Lamar and Taylor Swift are friends. [Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images]
Before anybody pits Kendrick Lamar against Taylor Swift, it’s important to remember that they are big fans of each other. Lamar and Swift collaborated on Taylor’s No. 1 hit “Bad Blood.”

“Shout out to Taylor Swift! I enjoy music outside of my own music all the time, so I can definitely see where she’s coming from when she says that she listens to the record and it’s a great thing for her to acknowledge that and put that good energy out into the world like that,” Lamar told The Fader at the end of 2014.

Taylor Swift has faced a huge backlash lately as people are trying to accuse her of being racist, even though there is no concrete proof of that. There is even a petition at Change.org aiming to “stop white privilege” at the Grammys and Taylor Swift is condescendingly mentioned in the mission statement.

“The Grammys nominate a talentless dumb White girl like Taylor Swift, but fail to nominate Rihanna. Drake was ignored in the Album of the Year category, Kanye West was ignored in the Song of the Year category…and the list goes on and on,” reads the petition, which only has 33 signatures.

Taylor Swift is smart to take a break. People have always loved to build up female pop stars and then tear them apart. It has become a lot more vicious with Twitter and other social media sites. However, Taylor Swift will likely not only survive, but thrive.

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]