Meek Mill College Bound - 'A Best Apology Is Changed Behavior'

Meek Mill College Bound? ‘The Best Apology Is Changed Behavior’

Meek Mill is heading to college? Maybe he really is trying to show the judge a difference. “Lord Knows” that Meek Mill needs his image in tip-top shape for February 5.

It came as a big surprise, on January 22, that Meek Mill announced his college plans. During a speech in West Philadelphia, at Overbrook High School, Meek discussed the importance of people taking hold of their futures. He gave a shout out to all the high school students who were planning to attend college, themselves.

Immediately afterwards, Mill let the auditorium know that he had recently enrolled in college as well. The student body praised his decision, accompanied with applause. If you want to see and hear it for yourself, the short video can be seen in the following tweet by DJ Akademiks.

The question stands as whether Meek Mill will be able to attend his college courses as he has planned. On February 5, he has to return to court for the judge to weigh in on his probation violation sentence. Since his hearing, Meek has been doing all he can to show the judge that his ways are different now.

The Inquisitr recently reported that, during his hearing, Mill had proposed community service activities — courtesy of Nicki Minaj’s manager — as partial remedy to his character violations. Since then, Meek Mill has been fulfilling the lengths of his proposed services with the help of his dedicated fiance. Similarly, his Overbrook speech was possibly part of such fulfillment.

After seeing how street life could land him back in prison, Meek wants none of it — regardless of recent beef nonsense. At the end of the day, it’s just entertainment and ratings, much like “reality television.” However, as for taking a real stance, Mill is pushing for college possibilities.

Also, recently, Meek reportedly gave $60,000 to help resolve Flint, Michigan’s water crisis. Whether he did it as a public relations stunt or just out of the concern for the people, he won major points with that noble gesture. According to TMZ, Meek says that the judge had nothing to do with that particular decision.

Meek Mill is trying to show the judge a better side of himself. Via Instagram, the rapper reposted some typography which said, “The best apology is changed behavior.”


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At the bottom of the Instagram post, Meek furthered his expressions with “Facts!” So, in essence, Mill wants to allow his actions to prove his worth to the judge before his return date of February 5.

A lot is at stake for the rapper. Recently, Meek created another diss track which was geared toward Drake. However, it fell through the cracks. Maybe it’s a good thing, because supposedly, he made a threat to the “Hotline Bling” artist. That’s just not something you do when you’re trying to show the judge a new side.

Drake didn’t respond to Meek Mill and his diss. In reality, he helped Meek out in an incredibly sensible fashion. While claiming that he’s changed, what if his conviction was further investigated due to the lyrics in his “4/4” track? What if the beef hype would start up again, and Drake would drop another “Back to Back” type of track? Meek Mill doesn’t need that kind of heat on him at the moment. This is especially the case since he’s trying to shower the sentencing official with good deeds, right?

All in all, Meek knows that he’s gone down the wrong path in the past. As it seems, he’s really trying to make it right. Do you think Mill is going to get his chance to go to college? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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