Anna Duggar defended her decision to stay with Josh Duggar after Ashley Madison website scandal.

Anna & Josh Duggar Having Baby Instead Of Divorce? Amy Duggar Urges Fasting For Saving Marriage & Weight Loss

Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar just may be expecting again, making it five babies instead of one divorce. After surviving a year where her husband was rocked by reports that he had molested some of his sisters, followed by his own confessions that he had used the Ashley Madison website to cheat on her and was addicted to porn, Anna at one point was rumored to be considering divorce.

Now, however, Anna is expecting her fifth child with Duggar, according to a source cited by She Knows.

“Anna announced that she thinks she is pregnant again. She believes the baby is a sign that God has forgiven Josh for his many sins, and she’s vowed to stand by her husband,” said the source.

Anna Duggar plans to remain with the Duggars.
Anna Duggar plans to remain with the Duggars. [Photo by FOX News Channel via Getty Images]

TLC recently aired several episodes of a spinoff to 19 Kids and Counting, called Jill & Jessa: Counting On. As part of the show, Anna spoke out for the first time regarding her heartbreak when she learned what Duggar had done. However, even though Anna admitted that she was shocked when she learned that her husband had confessed to cheating on her as well as an addiction to porn (all of which came following reports that he had molested some of his sisters), she also spoke out in defense of her choice to remain with Duggar.

As for when she might have conceived the famous fifth baby? Anna paid a visit to Josh when he was in a rehab prior to Thanksgiving. That visit is the last reported encounter between Anna and her husband.

Amy Duggar Says She’s Got The Solution To Saving Marriages

Rebel cousin Amy Duggar thinks she has the answer to saving marriages, and it doesn’t involve having babies. Instead, Amy shared a blog revealing that she’s planning to fast and is teaming up with Dillon King, her husband, as a way to improve their marriage, reported the International Business Times.

In addition to sharing her fasting prescription for marriage and a bikini body, Amy revealed that she believes that God has the power to heal relationships and mend breaks in families.

“I believe in miracles, I believe God can heal any relationship, and bring it back to a healthy loving union. I believe God can restore families,” posted Amy. “Jesus is in the restoring business! I believe God can heal America, and our world!”

Is fasting the way to save a marriage? The Duggar family's rebel cousin Amy thinks so.
Is fasting the way to save a marriage? The Duggar family’s rebel cousin Amy thinks so. [Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images]

Amy avoided any mention of the scandals generated by Duggar in her blog, but ever since the Ashley Madison hacking scandal showed that Josh had paid for accounts on the website for infidelity, followed by Duggar’s own confession that he cheated on Anna, fans and followers of the Duggars have been wondering if at some point, Anna would reach the breaking point and choose to divorce him. Is Amy hinting that Anna should try to fast as the prescription for saving her marriage?

Amy Duggar Dishes 21 Day Fast Details

In her blog, Amy dished the details of her fast, which will last for 21 days and is encouraged by her church.

“[We] have never fasted before as a couple. So we decided that we would give up television and use that time instead to focus on our marriage,” shared Amy.

In addition to improving their marriage, Amy has a goal of slimming down for bikini season and so is surrendering sweets.

“In addition to reading and praying more as a couple, I am also giving up sweets which is seriously going to be a struggle! I realize bikini season is coming up and I also just want to feel better about the choices I make regards to eating so for 21 looong days I’m going to say no to McDonald’s apple pies, Ben& Jerry’s and anything carbonated.”

As for how she’s doing, Amy confessed that on the second day she cheated with a “frozen nutty bar” while Dillon was in the shower. Oops. But despite that cheat, Amy believes that fasting can help with issues ranging from preventing infidelity (sound familiar?) and divorce.

“Not only is this fast healthy for us individually, we believe it will strengthen our marriage! The divorce rate is through the roof these days! Cheating on your spouse is an epidemic,” declared Amy.

And Amy emphasized her faith in God.

“I believe God can even help me have self control over my sweet tooth cravings! Even though right now my husband isn’t home, and I know where the Oreos are. Haha!” she added.

[Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images]