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Jesus spotted on a moth


Jesus has appeared on wood, a towel, cellphones and a ultrasound in recent months, but the latest Jesus siting isn’t for sufferers of Mottephobia, because Jesus has appeared on the back of a moth.

East Texas man Kirk Harper spotted the moth on an RV trailer Monday, and told local reporters that right away he could tell it was unique.

Of all the recent sitings, this one at least has some strong semblance of a face. Bonus points though because apparently when the moth flutters, the mouth moves. Pics above.

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15 Responses to “Jesus spotted on a moth”

  1. Garrett

    Word of the day: Pareidolia

    Why am I never surprised by the lack of common sense in theists?

  2. greg

    Ha! I just blogged about this too. To me it looks like that Mohammed cartoon, or Dorothy from the wizard of oz.

  3. Boredcollegekid

    it looks more like a demon or something. Hardly the face of Jesus. I guess people will interprete anything to get a little exposure

  4. brent

    this looks like satan to me i dont know what your eyes are seein but it aint jesus

  5. Lynn Boyd

    …oh for cryin' out loud, that isn't jesus….it's a MOTH! Criminy, how do these wingnuts come up with this stuff?

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