Black sedan hits man.

Man Dragged Six Miles Behind Vehicle In New Orleans Hit-And-Run

New Orleans police are investigating a hit-and-run that took place early on Friday morning that resulted in a pedestrian being dragged behind a vehicle for six miles.

According to the New York Daily News, an unidentified driver hit a male pedestrian in the New Orleans French Quarter. Police are unsure if the man was killed from the impact of the accident, or if he remained alive as the driver dragged him six more miles, out of New Orleans and across the Mississippi River bridge.

New Orleans
New Orleans French Quarter. [Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images]
A mutilated body was found by New Orleans authorities on a road leading away from the bridge at around 3:30am on Friday. A violent trail of evidence leading back to the scene of the hit-and-run has convinced investigators that the body belonged to the man whom witnesses saw struck by a vehicle at Dumaine and Decatur Street within New Orleans. The culprit sped off immediately after hitting the pedestrian.

A Facebook post from the New Orleans Police Department details the graphic scene, including how the victim was dragged for six miles out of the city.

“According to witnesses, the vehicle was seen striking the victim then turning onto Madison St. and traveling against traffic to Chartres. The vehicle then turned right on Chartres eastbound from Madison St, then unknown on Chartres. The initial investigation reveals that the victim may have been dragged by the vehicle from the French Quarter to the Westbank.”

Security snapshot
[Photo via the New Orleans Police Department]

New Orleans police have no other leads on the identities of the driver or the victim. According to police spokesman Officer Garry Flot, surveillance footage captured photos of the hit-and-run, but did not reveal enough information to track down the suspect. Authorities have posted photos from the security cameras on social media sites, asking people from the New Orleans public to help provide any details that may lead to an arrest.

“The vehicle is described as a four-door black sedan with tinted windows,” says the post. “The NOPD Fatality Unit is in charge of the on-going investigation. Detectives are still interviewing witnesses and searching for more video. Fatality Investigator Anthony Pontiff will be the lead on this case and anyone with information should call Crimestoppers of Greater New Orleans or Detective Anthony Pontiff at 504 658-6237.”

While the driver of the black sedan seemingly realized he or she had hit a pedestrian, it appears likely that the driver had no idea the man was being dragged behind the vehicle for six miles. Since there is no apparent evidence of foul play, it’s possible the suspect had no malicious intent, despite the exceedingly gruesome nature of the manslaughter.

One person in the comments section of the Facebook post claims to be a witness from New Orleans who actually saw the hit-and-run take place.

“I hope you guys catch this a******. I witnessed it. Dude didn’t even slow down once. Sped so fast couldn’t get his plate or the make of the car.”

If the person behind the wheel of the black sedan is found, how do you think he or she should be punished by law? Do you think the justice department should be lenient, or do you believe the driver intentionally dragged the pedestrian for six miles?

To get an idea of how seriously some courts take a crime of this nature, consider Roger Owens, a man who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for dragging a pit bull puppy behind his car for miles, in exchange for drugs and alcohol. Read more here.

[Photo courtesy of the New Orleans Police Department]