Puddle Of Mudd Singer Wes Scantlin Signs Divorce Papers With Smiley Faces

Puddle of Mudd lead singer Wes Scantlin must have been extremely super happy that his divorce was finalized this week, he signed his divorce papers with not one, but two smiley faces.

Wes and now ex-wife Jessica were married for 4-years and he was recently told to fork over $2,500 per month in alimony to his short-term wife.

Originally Jessica wanted half of the fortune Scantlin had built-up after 20 years with Puddle of Mudd but according to insiders she realized that was not going to happen and instead the couple came up with an asset management split that worked for both sides. It should be noted that the couple did have a prenuptial agreement in place which explains why Jessica backed off her 50/50 claim rather quickly.

When he learned of the signed smiley faces Jessica’s lawyer Brian Kramer told TMZ:

“It’s most definitely the first time in all my years of doing this work that I’ve have had an opposing party sign with a smiley face on a divorce decree imposing maximum spousal support. “

For his part Kramer says he was not only happy with the outcome, but also that a celebrity was so willing to honor their financial obligations rather than turning their divorce into a sideshow for tabloid reporting.

Exact terms of the divorce settlement have not been released to the public.

For a guy who wrote and record the song “She Hates Me” he sure does seem happy about even the worst moments in life.

Would you be willing to sign your divorce papers with a smiley face if you weren’t dragged through the mud (or puddle of mud) by your ex-partner?