brony hate

You Know Who Hates Bronies? Little Girl My Little Pony Collectors From the 80’s

You know else hates bronies? Probably everyone.

Just kidding bronies — your habit is creepily cute. If you’ve missed the latest in My Little Pony news over the past few years, the franchise has been recently revived — and My Little Pony certainly caught on anew in the 2010-and-beyond era, but the latest redux had a strange fan twist.

You see a new crowd of fans, known as “bronies,” began popping up everywhere with the release of Friendship is Magic. (Even former president Bill Clinton was rumored to be a brony.)

The word is a portmanteau of “bro” and “pony,” if you haven’t figured it out, bronies are essentially grown adult men — who were and are head over heels crazy for My Little Pony. If you’re thinking this is an isolated phenomenon (and haven’t Googled “brony” yet to see for yourself), it’s not. There’s even a BronyCon going on this weekend in Seacaucus, New Jersey, where many, many men who consider themselves bronies are going to get together and do God only knows what.

We can only hope that yiffing isn’t on the schedule.

So bronies are a curiosity, to be sure, but not everyone finds the fad endearing — in particular, women who grew up on and never forgot the My Little Pony culture.


Summer Hayes, 30, is an original female MLP-lover, who has even authored six books on collecting the pastel horses — and Hayes told Collector’s Weekly that bronies really cheese her off:

“It was just so bizarre…Here I’ve been a lifelong Pony fan, and all of a sudden this ‘Friendship Is Magic’ show comes out, and it’s like, what? Where do these people come from and why?”

Why, indeed, Summer. Hayes continues:

“I know a lot of My Little Pony collectors who don’t care for the bronies. They feel that they put so much time and effort into this niche collecting community, and then all of a sudden bronies come out and start getting all this attention. And it’s like, hey, well, what about us? We’ve been here forever, and nobody seemed to care. But now that there are all these guys in their 20s that are crazy about it, it’s suddenly important and it means something.”

However, it’s not too surprising that old fans find bronies to be annoying upstarts — one self-assured brony talked to the mag and said that he was not into original My Little Pony culture, adding that “Friendship is Magic essentially made Ponies ‘cool.’