The Bachelor 2016 Winner

‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Winner: Finale Ending Of Show Leaked, Who Is Ben Really Engaged To?

It’s the spoiler everyone has been waiting for. Who became the winner of The Bachelor 2016? The answer is finally revealed, and now the masses can start getting excited before the show even begins.

There’s a long way to go before viewers see for themselves which contestant wins Ben Higgins’ heart on Season 20. A lot of speculation and predictions have surrounded which woman will be Ben’s ultimate choice.

These spoilers reveal who The Bachelor 2016 winner is, so leave this page now if you don’t want know the answer. This information comes from Reality Steve after he broke down the episode-by-episode spoilers on his blog.

According to Steve, the final three women going to Jamaica for overnights are Caila Quinn, JoJo Fletcher, and Lauren Bushnell. Overnight dates were held in Jamaica at the Sandals Royal Plantation. It’s unknown if Ben had sex with any of the women or all three of them. Facts like these aren’t leaked until later on. It’s one of the more rare secrets that stay hidden on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

Caila is eliminated in the rose ceremony following the overnight dates. The competition then came down to JoJo and Lauren. According to Steve, both ladies will be well-liked by the audience. Early on, Steve predicted that Lauren would be the winner of the show. As he shares, it turns out he was right.

Ben Higgins is reportedly engaged to Lauren.

The finale filmed on November 18 and this is how it ends: Lauren Bushnell is the Bachelor 2016 winner.

JoJo Fletcher may very well be the next Bachelorette for 2016. As a previous Inquisitr article wrote, Steve pegs JoJo as the one to win that lead. Of course, it’ll be a while before any official announcement surfaces. Discussions begin early on that front.

Soon, ABC will announce its official cast for Season 20. Steve has 28 named already. Those women are Amanda Kremer, Amanda Stanton, Amber James, Becca Tilley, Breanne Rice, Caila Quinn, Emily Ferguson, Haley Ferguson, Isabel “Izzy” Goodkind, Jackie Dion, Jami Letain, Jen Saviano, Jessica Moser, JoJo Fletcher, Jubilee Sharpe, Lace Morris, Laura Esselman, Lauren Barr, Lauren Bushnell, Lauren Himle, Lauren Russell, Leah Block, Maegan Miller, Olivia Caridi, Rachel Tchen, Samantha Passmore, Shushanna Mkrtychyan, and Tiara Soleim.

There will be four women by the name of Lauren appearing on the show this year. Ben will find himself having to be specific when referring to any of them in a group setting, the rose ceremony, or in his interviews. Usually, there are names that belong to more than one — or even two — women on the show, but four is a lot for one name.

Similarly, there are also two women that bear the name Amanda.

Reality Steve has been wrong before about who The Bachelor winner is, but his track record is pretty solid. There will be fans who argue whether he’s right or wrong on this spoiler, but Lauren appears to be the real winner.

A few weeks ago, reports claimed the winner as Lauren before the finale was ready to tape. Steve had his suspicions early on, and it was presumed way ahead of time that he was right.

Now that credible spoilers for the show are leaked, the sleuthing will really take off. It won’t be easy to find Ben and his fiancee because they’ll basically be in hiding until the end of March. When Ben makes his promotional appearances, he’ll be coached to conceal his reactions to questions that put him on the spot over who he picked on the show.

The Bachelor 2016, Season 20, premieres on Monday, January 4 on ABC at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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