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Kendra Wilkinson Retires From Nude Modeling

kendra wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson’s days of posing naked are over. The former Playboy bunny and current mother of a 2-year-old boy said today that she wasn’t going to pose topless again.

Wilkinson, who is starring in a new reality show “Kendra On Top,” said that viewers will get to see another side of her that wasn’t often displayed in the Playboy mansion.

Wilkinson said:

“You will see the [traditional] Kendra antics on my new show, but I have retired a couple things, like Playboy and the nudity… I just figure that there’s more to life than getting nude and showing your boobs. I have added a lot of layers to my life and I’m more spontaneous now than I once was, but I don’t have to take off my top.”

“Kendra On Top” premiered on June 5th on We TV. Hugh Hefner, Wilkinson’s former boss / lover has already made an appearance on the show.

Wilkinson said:

“Hef comes over to my house — in a helicopter — and you’ll see how we figure that out…. Hef does not go to anyone’s house, and he hasn’t been in a normal car since he was in his 20s, so my husband has to pick him up in his pimped-out little car.”

Here’s the first episode of “Kendra On Top.”

Are you upset that Kendra Wilkinson has retired from nude modeling? Do you watch “Kendra On Top?”

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7 Responses to “Kendra Wilkinson Retires From Nude Modeling”

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  2. Mindi Jordan


  3. Anonymous

    Oh, please Kendra. You got where you are on the power of your boobs. By the way where's Hank playing this year? I hope you know that most athletes go broke within 5-7 years of retirement. So I wouldn't put away the bikini and start chomping on bon-bons just yet.

  4. Anonymous

    No I won't be watching, why can't she secure a degree and continue pursuing a masters with all the time she has & some extra cash. Or she's just stupid. Some idiots might say; "she's not stupid look at her laughing all the way to the bank". Nawh, we seen this all to many, temporary finances do not work.

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