Justin Bieber Walks Out Of Spanish Radio Interview And It's Totally Understandable

Justin Bieber Walks Out Of Inane Spanish Radio Interview, No One Blames Him [Video]

Justin Bieber has been a trooper during interview after interview doing promo around the world ahead of releasing his new album Purpose on November 13, so watching a recent car-crash interview that didn’t go so well is must-see viewing.

On Wednesday, Justin swung by the Spanish radio station Los 40 Principales in Madrid, Spain. During the under-nine-minute chat, the Biebs did his best at staying engaged while two presenters and a somewhat basic translator threw inane questions at him, only three of which were in (broken) English.

During the interview. (Seen on the video below), Justin is seen grimacing and trying to smile through eight minutes of the trio having 100 mph conversations in rambling Spanish, while virtually ignoring the singer and appearing oblivious to his confusion.

When Justin was directly addressed, he was expected to answer tedious probes such as “Who’s going to dress you?” “Do you drink?” “Do you go to the disco?” and “You are 21, you are like a superstar, why you say sorry? For what? For being a superstar?” The grilling was delivered with long-winded introductions by the male host and paraphrased by the seemingly overwhelmed Spanish translator.

Not surprisingly, Justin reached a final straw moment when the translator told him they wanted him to help them “break the internet” by making a video with Europe’s biggest YouTubers.

To which, Biebs replied sarcastically replies, “Hundreds of millions of followers, eh? Crazy!” From there, he strolled out calmly, while the clueless trio yelled after him.

From the non-comprehension on the Biebs’ face when the video idea was presented to him, it is clear it wasn’t mentioned to his team before the show. To any reasonable observer, it’s obvious the station didn’t want to give Justin the chance to refuse their exploitative fame-grab, and basically put him on the spot. A point noted by moviepilot.com.

Ironically, the “Justin Bieber walks out of Spanish interview” video is likely to go viral regardless.

ABC News offer their take below.

There’s more. Spanish-speaking online users reveal one of the YouTubers the radio station contacted was Elrubius, known as Rubio5 online.

It turns out Rubio5 has a history of mocking Bieber in videos he has posted. While Justin did not know the YouTuber that the radio station planned to introduce him to, it seems the singer’s instincts to leave were appropriate. Notably, after that awkward interview, the pop prince gave two more interviews which went smoothly. He also appeared on El Hormiguero, a Spanish TV show, and seemed upbeat.

Sometime after the walk-out, the 21-year-old shared a Snapchat video, telling viewers he thought he had bronchitis. The heartthrob has been on an intensive press run for several months.

Over on Twitter, Justin wrote, “Great times in Spain. Sorry if I’m feeling a little sick. The ants made me feel better. )”

In other Justin Bieber news, in between interviews in Spain yesterday, the hitmaker unveiled the long-awaited tracklist for Purpose in graffiti murals shared at his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

As previously reported, the standard edition of the album has 13 tracks, 14 if buyers pre-ordered, which then gives them access to the “What Do You Mean?” remix featuring Ariana Grande. The deluxe edition has 19 tracks, including the bonus.

Meanwhile, the Biebs’s promo tour continues apace. The singer is now in Oslo, Norway, and is scheduled to perform an acoustic song on the Senkveld TV show tonight (October 29). Justin will encore that with a small concert for 950 people, during which he will sing five or six tracks. Universal Music Group (Norway) reportedly confirmed he will perform despite being sick.

It bears repeating. What a trooper.

Justin Bieber
(Photo: The ‘Purpose’ singer meeting fans in Madrid, Spain yesterday)

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