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Michigan Anti-Abortion Bill On Fast-Track To House Vote

Michigan Abortion Bill

A massive anti-abortion bill, which would drastically limit abortion access, and could potentially shut down all abortion clinics in the state, is on a fast-track through the Michigan State House of Representatives on Thursday.

The Huffington Post reports that the bill was just introduced last week, but that lawmakers held a meeting on Thursday to discuss it, and are sending it to a full house vote on Thursday afternoon.

90 people showed up at the hearing to testify against the bill, according to a Planned Parenthood Mid and South Michigan spokesman, who stated that Committee Chair Gail Haines (R-Waterford) ended the hearing abruptly, cutting off all testimony after only a few people were able to speak, including a Michigan Right to Life spokesperson.

Democratic Underground reports that Meghan Groen, a PPMSM spokesperson, stated:

“We had a lot of doctors there and members of the committee asking questions about what the full ramifications of a lot of these provisions could be, and quite frankly a lot of folks couldn’t answer them.”

The omnibus bill, if passed, would criminalize all abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, without any exceptions for rape victims, the health of the mother, or even in cases of a severe fetal anomaly. Democratic Underground reports that it would also require health centers that provide abortions to have a surgery room, even if they do not provide surgical abortions. The bill would require a doctor to be present for medication abortions, and also to screen women for “coercion” before allowing an abortion. Finally, it would create new requirements for the disposal of fetal remains.

The Huffington Post reports that State Rep. Mike Shirkey (R-Clark Lake) fully supports the bill, stating on Wednesday that:

“This [abortion] is nothing short of infanticide. Until we completely eliminate abortions in Michigan and completely defund Planned Parenthood, we have work to do.”

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3 Responses to “Michigan Anti-Abortion Bill On Fast-Track To House Vote”

  1. Beyond The-Spectrum

    I love the contradiction in conservative logic: In matters of economic policy and economic equality, they are always calling for "smaller/limited government" and "hand off." But when it comes to matter of social policy such as marriage, abortion, end-of-life decisions, etc., they have no problem leveraging the power of government to interfere with the private decisions of individuals.

  2. Tammy Hutcherson

    To my female FB friends: Michigan is about to make a far-reaching decision that will take away your right to choose what happens in your body when you conceive. Never mind if you've been raped, never mind if you are 12-years-old, never mind if you learn you are carrying a fetus with a disability that will require round-the-clock care and an endless supply of money… the scenarios could go on and on, but the bottom line is: Do you want the government mandating your personal & medical decisions? Speak out before it's too late.

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