Keurig Kold: Brew A Fresh Cup Of Coca Cola’s Carbonated Drinks

Keurig Kold will make you a Coca Cola beverage at your home. The do-it-yourself soda-machine will soon hit retail shelves and will allow you to make a glass of your favorite cola drink instantly.

Made by Keurig Green Mountain in association with Coca Cola, the Keurig Kold is a machine that makes a fresh, cold glass of fizzy Coca Cola drink right in your home. The machine is the size of an extra-large crockpot and has been priced at $369.99, but it is expected to start selling for $299, depending on the holiday promotions. The Keurig Kold is expected to go on sale from today and essentially makes single servings of Coca Cola cold beverages, including Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper and flavored seltzer waters.

The machine is quite similar to Keurig’s mainstream brewing machines. The near omnipresent brewers have let people make their own cups of coffee and tea for years, merely by inserting a pod into the machine and pressing a button. Similarly, there will be pods of “concentrates” that people who purchase Keurig Kold will have to buy. Each pod will cost between $1.12 and $1.25 and make an 8-ounce serving. Ironically, at this costing, 2-liter bottles and 6-pack cans of soda offer a much more reasonable price per serving. Hence, if one considers the economics, the Keurig Kold isn’t exactly meant for those who are looking to make Coca Cola drinks cheaply at home.

The Keurig Kold Will Feature Pods For Soft-Drinks
The Keurig Kold Will Feature Pods For Soft-Drinks

If company CEO Brian Kelley is to be believed, the Kold offers a highly convenient way for people to make a variety of drinks right in their homes and at their convenience. He says people need not worry about large bottles and cans taking valuable storage space and need not worry about the ideal serving temperature too. Besides Coca Cola beverages, the Kold can also make “craft” sodas made by Keurig, reported MSN. The company has also planned to offer cocktail mixers, though hasn’t confirmed exactly when.

Keurig and Coca Cola signed a deal in early 2014 to work on the development of Coca-Cola branded products for use in the system. After two years in the development, the Kold has been perfected.

One Pod Will Make One 8 Once Glass Of Fizzy Beverage
One Pod Will Make One 8 Once Glass Of Fizzy Beverage

Incidentally, the do-it-yourself for sodas isn’t a new concept. SodaStream International also sells a carbonation machine that makes seltzer and other flavored drinks. However, the machine merely infuses carbon dioxide, the ingredient that is responsible for the “fizz,” into the water, which can later be used to make soft-drinks. Essentially, the SodaStream’s machine makes soda, to which various concentrates can be added.

Keurig Kold on the other hand is a comprehensive system that does away with the measurement. Users have to merely fill the machine with water and insert a pod, which has two separate chambers- one with the carbonation, and one with the syrup or flavor. Upon pressing a button, the machine infuses soda into the water, mixes the concentrate or syrup in perfect measure, and even chills the drink. The entire drink pours out, chilled, in less than 90 seconds.

Coca Cola has a 16 percent stake in Keurig Green Mountain Inc. and it’s apparent the company would want to ensure its products are sold through the system. The cold-drink company has been prominently featured in the advertising for Keurig Kold, reported Ad Age.

While the company is betting on the convenience aspect of Keurig Kold, the fact that Coca Cola products are so easily available might impact the sales. Moreover, Keurig hinted that it was developing a machine that makes both hold and cold beverages and takes just about the same space in your kitchen. Will you buy the Keurig Kold?

[Image Credit | Raedle /Getty Images, Keurig]