Trees Right Height In Michigan

Mitt Romney Was Wrong, Trees Are Not “Right Height” In Michigan [Poll]

With the economy still suffering, housing prices remaining near all time lows and student loans nearing the $1 trillion mark you would think major 2012 election polling was all about those issues, instead one public policy poll has been examining Mitt Romney’s talk about the size of trees in Michigan.

You may recall that in early 2012 Romney told an audience “the trees are the right height” when referring to his home state of Michigan.

No Romney wasn’t attempting to channel Frost or Hemingway, he was just commenting on his tree preference height but as it turns out people living in Michigan don’t necessarily agree with Romney’s statement.

In examining a Public Policy Polling survey it turns out voters in the state are for the most part not sure if trees are the right height, in fact 62 percent of respondents said they were “not sure” if trees were the right height in Michigan.

Sure the poll is funny because of its absurdity but Mitt Romney can claim his first Democrat win, it turns out Dems in the state agree with him more than Republicans and Independents. Here’s the pie chart broken down by Democrat responses:

Democrats and Tree Height In Michigan

In comparison here are Republican responses to Mitt Romney’s Michigan tree height claims:

Republicans and Michigan Tree Height

As I previously stated this poll is ridiculous but it does highlight an important consideration that politicians need to realize every single word that comes out of their mouth will be analyzed in an election year, even if they are making an off-handed comment about tree height.