North Korea bomb test and killings

North Korea Uses Pathetic “Staged Car Accidents” To Kill 30 “Failed” Officials

North Korea is not being very secretive in the death of their own governmental regime members. Amnesty International claims that the country has killed upwards of 200 state officials in the first half of 2012, including at least 30 officials who died in staged car accidents.

Those 30 men were believed to have failed the North Korean leadership when it came to better relations with South Korea. The executions were ordered by the State Security Agency after Pyongyang transferred power from Kim Jong-Il to his 29-year-old song Kim Jong-un.

Amnesty International says the rest of the 200 workers were either executed or sent to the “gulag system” which has an estimated 200,000 people who live in “horrific conditions” that often leave “workers” dead.

North Korea has made it standard operating procedure to execute bureaucrats who fail the regime even if they were following the exact orders handed down to them by higher-ranking officials or members of the ruling family.

The 30 lawmakers who failed in securing better South Korean relations were faced with an impossible task at a time when North Korea refused to give up on its nuclear power weapons plans and its push for intercontinental ballistic missiles.

In the meantime South Korean officials warn that North Korea could detonate an underground nuclear bomb test as early as Monday afternoon. Satellite photos of the Punggye-ri site show that the tunnel as the site has bill fill.

According to Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen:

“Holidays or sad commemorations like Memorial Day weekend is when the leadership tries to provoke the democratic allies into action.”

Even if North Korea manages to detonate a nuclear weapon their own missiles are nearly incapable of flight.