South Korea Seizes 17,500 Pills Made From Baby Flesh

South Korean customs officials last week discovered thousands of capsules they claim were made from the flesh of babies.

Enough people in the country believe in the healing power of the pills that smugglers attempted to smuggle 17,500 capsules into the country since August 2011.

The baby flesh pills are made in China and involve dicing flesh and then drying it over a stove.

After being arrested the smugglers say they were not made aware that the pills included baby flesh, instead they say a third party claimed them to be stamina boosters.

Authorities are quick to point out that such pills won’t cure ills but could in fact made users sick as dangerous bacteria grows on the pills.

According to the Associated Press the bills were being carried into the country so they could be sold to ethnic Koreans who had moved to South Korea after living in China.

South Korea is not blaming any specific country for the pills since that could lead to diplomatic tensions, however China has launched an investigation to find the pill smugglers and their base of operation.

According to South Korean officials no one involved in the case has been punished because the quantity of pills is so small.

Investigators say the pills were being bought not only for South Koreans who had previously lived in China, but also as presents for their friends so they too could learn about the “medicinal value” of the product, even though no true medicinal value has ever been reported.

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