Eddy Juan arrested after sniffing women's feet in Library

Florida Man Arrested After Caught Sniffing Feet In Library, Women Noticed Him Crawling Under Tables [Video]

A Miami, Florida, man was arrested after he was caught crawling under tables at Florida International University so he could sniff women’s feet.

Eddy Juan, 52, was apprehended by the Miami-Dade police department after public notices warned of his peculiar behavior. Women were urged to report any odd behaviors to the authorities. Some women were able to capture Juan with their phone cameras, sharing the images with the police.

Juan was arrested on multiple counts when he was finally apprehended. Charges include aggravated assault, resisting without violence, reckless driving, eluding, and a violation of the sexual offender registration, according to Yahoo News.

Police records show that Juan’s delinquency traces back to 1992, according to NBC Miami, including lewd and lascivious behavior with a child, as well as indecent exposure.

Miami-Dade officers caught up with Juan during a traffic stop, after a citizen recognized Juan and reported his location. He attempted to flee the officers, but quickly crashed his motor scooter and was apprehended. The Florida International Police released a statement, advising the student population that the campus was safe from his behaviors.

“On Tuesday afternoon, a member of the public saw the person and called Miami-Dade Police Department. Police officers saturated the area and located the individual riding a scooter. The individual attempted to flee and was apprehended and arrested. FIUPD appreciates the involvement of the concerned citizens of Miami-Dade County, who provided the information that led to this arrest.”

It is unsure how many women fell victim of Juan’s foot smelling fetish, or if he intended to enact any harm on his victims at any time. His history revealed that violence and assault were not out of the question, and his deviant sexual behavior with minors leaves some to believe that he may have eventually assaulted the women, if left to roam free.

Juan’s attempts at stealth while smelling the women’s feet did not work, according to his plan, leaving most of the victims disgusted at his actions. However, none reportedly took the opportunity to kick him away or call for help while in the library. Due to the seemingly harmless nature of his odd behavior, smelling women’s feet under the tables was not enough to warrant the victims to scream out for help. However, his actions did draw attention from the police.

Authorities urge anyone that is victim or witness to odd behaviors, such as those Juan enacted, to report them to the police for further and proper investigation.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images Entertainment]