Underweight 123-Pound, 5-Foot 11-Inch, 19-Year-Old Model With 35-Inch Hips Told She’s ‘Way Too Big’: Agnes Hedengård Goes Viral [Video]

A beautiful Swedish model named Agnes Hedengård is going viral on Wednesday due to Hedengård being told her hips and butt are too big to model. Her YouTube video titled “Too Big For The Industry” has gotten nearly 500,000 views as it truly displays the thinness of the five-foot 11-inch beauty, whose hips only measure 35.8 inches, as reported by the Daily Mail.

When watching Agnes’ video on YouTube, viewers get a sense of just how thin the woman, who has been modeling for five years, truly is. However, according to the modeling industry, Hedengård says that she’s told she’s “way too big.” Her BMI is 17.5, which is considered underweight.

Agnes says it’s absurd that she is being told that she’s way too big to work with the big wigs who want to work with her. Hedengård says she’s been modeling for five years, and once some of the top clients who want to work with her end up getting ahold of her measurement, that’s when they say that she’s way too big in the butt and hips area to model.

On Instagram, Hedengård has plenty of gorgeous photos that prove Agnes is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to photographic appeal. However, the once 123-pound woman [eight stones, 11 pounds] blogged about all the pressure society places on women to look thin and not have their thighs touch and other skinny standards that had Hedengård having anorexic thoughts.

“I can’t get booked for any jobs, or I don’t get enough to make a living out of it. Modelling is more like a part time job now. I gave [the modelling world] a shot for a year – I barely ate and counting calories was a daily chore. I have anorectic thoughts, but I fight them constantly. It’s hard, but if you put all the energy you normally would waste on these eating disorter-thoughts towards instead loving yourself, the bad comments are like water off a duck’s back.”

When told that she needed to lose approximately one to two centimeters from her waist and shrink her hips from 35.8 inches down to 34 inches, Agnes went on a crusade to lose weight. Hedengård went on a mission to work out every day and runs about an hour and watches what she eats and hits the gym often.

The plight of Agnes reminds one of why the Instagram hashtags promoting scary skinny bodies are popular, with “Secret Society 123” hashtags and the like.

[Image via YouTube]