#Anorexic On Instagram: Secret Pro-Ana Social Media Pages Outweighed By Anorexia Nervosa Recovery Posts, Photos

There’s a reason why the NSFW #anorexic hashtagged Instagram photos and videos come with a warning on Instagram. That’s because a look through the photos provides some saddening views of anorexia nervosa. Some truly thin women appear in photos in the popular anorexic hashtag, with certain ones sharing dieting and purging tips online. After clicking “show posts,” Instagram users might view photos of thin women who use hashtags praising their skinny collarbones or pictures of females with thighs thinner than average.

“Content Advisory. Please be advised: These posts may contain graphic content. For information and support with eating disorders please tap on learn more.”

Instagram even offers a help page for those who need help with eating disorders.

With more than 3,291,304 posts under the #anorexic hashtag, it joins the #skinny hashtag on Instagram as another popular label. The #thin hashtag has even more photos using the label, with 6,841,546 posts falling under that hashtag currently.

But not every Instagram user employing the #anorexic, #thin, and #skinny hashtags are promoting anorexia nervosa. Some are using those labels in order to show how they’ve recovered from the dreaded ailments of anorexia and bulimia. For example, the Recovery.for.happiness Instagram account posted information about her dinner and positive mood.

I went for dinner with the family and had some lasagne. After we went food shopping I got a smoothie in the organic shop, it had strawberry, kiwi, banana and honey. I can’t even describe how delicious this was!!! Hit the spot! I’m in such a good mood today, feeling super positive.

Another Instagram user called Recovering Healthy also posted her meal information, along with using tags such as #HealthyNotSkinny to urge users toward recovery.

“Part of breakfast was this granola bar, fruit thing, and coffee. Probably having an egg but I haven’t decided.”

As reported by the Inquisitr, Al Sharpton’s 129-pound weight at five feet, 10 inches tall has brought questions about anorexia nervosa that Sharpton has denied, claiming he’s healthier now than when he was overweight.

Meanwhile, other anorexia related hashtags on Instagram have even more posts attributable to them, like #Ana, which has nearly 10 million posts. Of course, while many of those hashtags might simply be the spelling or misspelling of a woman’s name, other photos with the #ana hashtag prove that they are related to anorexia.

Another popular hashtag is #ednos, which means “eating disorder not otherwise specified,” something ABC News called quiet and the most common. Other hashtags go by names like #secret_society123 and reveal disturbingly thin photos, along with other troubling behavior such as cutting and the like.

Thankfully, plenty of Instagram users are using the social media platform to show their recovery photos to help others out of the binds of eating disorders.

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