Facts About Taylor Swift You May Not Know

Taylor Swift: Seven Facts You May Not Know About The Queen Of Pop

Taylor Swift is our new Queen of Pop. Ever since she made her debut as a country singer aged 16, Swift has swiftly captured not only the musical imagination of one nation, but an entire planet. Be it her swaggering “Bad Blood,” or her almost pastoral debut “Tim McGraw,” Taylor Swift has time and again proved her versatility across the musical spectrum.

On the occasion of the announcement of Swift’s latest single “Wildest Dreams,” here’s a list of seven facts about Taylor Swift you may not know.

  1. Taylor Swift suffers from Tatouazophobia, that is, the fear of tattoos. In an interview with Taste of Country, Swift conceded that she cannot even think of committing to a permanent tattoo.

“And for me, people are always asking, ‘Would you get a tattoo?’ And I just … I don’t think I could ever. I don’t think I could ever commit to something permanent — ugh [shuddering] — I don’t want to ever get a tattoo.”

  1. Taylor Swift’s grandmother was an opera singer and Swift attributes much of her talent to her granny. In an interview with Zap2it, the singer confessed she was her first inspiration.

“She was one of my first inspirations.The people around me provided all the inspiration I needed. Everything I wrote (at that time) came from that experience, what I observed happening around me.”

Facts About Taylor Swift
A Young Taylor Swift (Source: Tumblr)
  1. Taylor Swift is named after singer James Taylor.
  1. When she was in the fourth grade, Taylor Swift won a national poetry contest for her poem called “Monster in My Closet.”

“There’s a monster in my closet and I don’t know what to do / Have you ever seen him? / Has he ever pounced on you?”

  1. Taylor Swift was the first ever Saturday Night Live celebrity host to write her own monologue. Well, she wrote a song instead of a monologue, and took jibes at Kanye West and Joe Jonas. Like everything Swift does, this song also became a huge hit.
  1. Taylor Swift wrote her first song, “Lucky You,” after a computer repairman taught her how to play three chords on the guitar.
  1. If Taylor Swift’s musical career stalls for some reason (which certainly won’t happen!), she can always turn back to writing. Yes, when she was 12 years old, Swift wrote a novel containing 350 pages. She confessed once that she would consider writing a biography in the future. What’s more, Swift can even paint — talk about versatility!

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