Gas Station Brawl: Teen Beaten With Metal Pipe At Louisiana Convenience Store [Video]

Meaghan Ellis

One Louisiana teenager will possibly be left with permanent scarring after being beaten with a metal pipe at a convenience store. According to KTBS, Jessica Byrnes-Laird and her boyfriend stopped by the A & Y Quick Stop in Shreveport, LA on the evening of Sunday, July 26 after a full day of swimming. She reportedly sat inside the car while he went inside the convenience store to buy cigarettes.

However, she wasn’t alone for very long because a group of men approached the vehicle and began taunting her, spewing racial slurs and epithets. Within a matter of seconds, the verbal altercation escalated to a physical attack. One of the men took a metal pipe and allegedly threw it into the passenger window, striking Byrnes-Laird in the face. The blow reportedly shattered her teeth.

During a recent interview with KSLA, she graphically recounted the series of events that led to her injuries. “I was still in my bathing suit and there were a few males around my boyfriend’s age. They started speaking to me, they started saying inappropriate comments to me,” explained Jessica. “I was standing up screaming at them asking them to stop. I remember feeling my teeth in my hands, and letting them fall,” said Jessica. “Looking down, blood just started gushing, it was really traumatic. It upset me that I was going through something like this for something so trivial,” said Jessica.

When her boyfriend returned caught the men harassing her, he intervened and a fist fight broke out. It has been reported that the shocking incident was caught on the store’s surveillance cameras, but no arrests have been made as of yet.

Cpl. Marcus Hines with the Shreveport Police Department released a statement about the pending investigation, as the department works to identify the suspects that were involved. “That information in invaluable many times in helping to ID suspects and to actually get an unbiased view of what actually took place in many cases,” Cpl. Marcus Hines said.

Although the traumatic experience is one Byrnes-Laird will never forget, she admits that she’s still grateful because things could have been much worse. A GoFundMe account has also been established to help cover her dental expenses. The Shreveport Police Department is asking anyone with information about the suspects involved this incident to contact Caddo CrimeStoppers at (318) 673-7373.

[Image(s) via YouTube Screen Capture]