marco rubio and mitt romney

Marco Rubio Speaks on Possible VP Nod: ‘5 Years Ago My Dad Was a Bartender, My Mom Was a Maid’

Marco Rubio is perhaps the most likely candidate to share a ticket with presumptive GOP contender Mitt Romney, but the rising star of the right says his life story breaks with the narrative of Republicans as a party of the wealthy out for their own interests at the expense of average and middle-class Americans.

Rubio sat down with Fox News to discuss his position in the party right now, including the likelihood that the Romney camp will pick the young Florida senator as Romney’s second. Marco Rubio’s rise to prominence in American politics has been swift, and almost kind of evokes a similar feel to the political trajectory of President Barack Obama.

When asked about his newish political clout, Rubio reflects on his family’s circumstances now versus those just a few years ago. He explains:

“I pinch myself because of the understanding that I’ve been blessed with a real rare opportunity that few Americans ever get, to serve their government and their people at this level.”

Rubio continues:

“It doesn’t escape me that less than half a decade ago, my family lived very different circumstances. My dad was a bartender. My mom was maid… It was unimaginable that anybody in the next generation would be able to obtain [this level of success.]”

Marco Rubio was also asked by Fox News’ Bret Baier about his potential to help the often-unrelatable Mitt Romney with minority voters. Of Hispanic voters, Rubio says he believes that a Republican candidate is a better way forward than the current president:

“There is something that unites the Hispanic community, however, and that’s this burning desire for economic empowerment. They desperately want to give their kids every chance and every opportunity that they didn’t have. So the question is, which one of these two gentlemen that are running has the best idea for them? I think it’s going to be Mitt Romney at the end of the day.”

Do you think Marco Rubio can help Mitt Romney outside his demographic of rich white guys?