Tinder for dogs is really popular; Tinder for cats exists too

Is Your Beagle Lonely? Spruce Him Up — There’s Now A Tinder-Style App For Dogs (Seriously)

It’s a dog eat dog world out there in the dating world. But now there’s an app that will make your pooch’s love life a bit easier, whether he’s looking for a spunky Chihuahua, a cutesy Corgi, or the classic beauty of a chocolate lab.

Yes, folks, there is now a Tinder-style app for dogs.

However, it’s doubtful that few of the 100,000 users who now use Tindog have genuinely created adorable profiles for their dogs so that their pets can find love, Mashable added. Chances are, this is just another clever way for people to meet up.

In this case, the Tinder-esque app is letting people use their dogs as bait. And apparently, it’s working for someone: Tindog CEO Julien Muller told Mashable that people love it.

“We’ve had a great reception. Within the first month, we’ve had over 100,000 downloads with about 2,000 to 3,000 new users every day from countries around the world, including the United States, UK, Australia, France, Germany, and Brazil. It’s really exciting to see how dog lovers are quickly building this community.”

But for those of you who really do want to get your pooch a furry boyfriend or girlfriend, Tinder for dogs works much like the human version.

According to Huffington Post, all you have to do to create a profile is upload an adorable photo of your best friend, put in his or her age, gender, and breed (though according to Mashable, it’s not easy to figure out this step for mutts).

Much like Tinder, once it’s time to peruse other pooches, you cruelly swipe left to eliminate those who aren’t up to snuff, and right to “like.” You can also bring up dogs’ profiles (name, age, distance from you, activity, and “About Me”).

Though it’s doubtful you’ll be able to draw your dog’s attention away from licking his butt long enough to decide between the sophisticated Scottish Terrier or the snobbish poodle.

And, of course, owners can upload their own information. But apparently, that’s optional.

Once you find a match, you can chit-chat (or bark), share photos, and set up a time to meet for a bit of ball chasing in the park.

Technically, Tinder for dogs helps users find not just other dogs, but their owners nearby. Which may not be such a horrible idea, since people were using their dogs to break the ice with potential mates long before smart phones existed. And it also gives like-minded people a chance to find each other.

And Tinder for dogs doesn’t really specify who it’s for, dogs or people. But let’s face it, your dog really just wants to hang around with you. Plus, Tindog is fun. As Mashable pointed out, “There’s something infinitely cheering about scrolling through dog after grinning dog, even if they don’t want to match with you.”

And don’t worry, cat lovers. Technabob has pointed out Tinder-style app for you, too, called Tag A Cat.

[Photo Courtesy Joe Raedle/Getty Images]