Does Ember Graham’s Father Know Where She Is?

The search for Ember Graham is entering day four, and there have been no reported updates indicating where the missing baby might be. Meanwhile, authorities have confirmed that the infant’s father is their person of interest. The Record Searchlight reports that Matthew Graham is the only official person of interest in the search for his 6-month-old baby girl. However, his loved ones — including the child’s mother — are standing behind him in support. Does Matthew Graham know what happened to his father, or are police wrong to call him a POI?

With it getting closer to a week since the baby was last seen, authorities are reportedly offering a reward in the amount of $10,000, but there have been no reported sightings over the course of the search. Meanwhile, the baby’s mother is trying her best to focus on the search, while apparently staying supportive of her husband (along with his family). Jamie Lee Graham talked to reporters about the arrest of her husband and the search for her baby.

“He’s not somebody who you would ever fear, not somebody who I was ever concerned about being around our daughter or even afraid that he would do something to her. There’s never been a thought in my mind that he would ever hurt anybody. I’m not concentrated on them accusing him. I don’t think he had anything to do with it, honestly.”

Matthew Graham’s father told the media that the man admitted to police that he smoked marijuana, which led to his arrest. He added that his son has a prescription for medical marijuana, however.

Fox News reports that Ember Graham was allegedly last seen in her crib on Wednesday night. However, police have confirmed that inconsistencies in Matthew Graham’s story led to him being declared a person of interest in her disappearance. At this point, it’s not known with complete certainty if the missing infant was truly last seen Wednesday night, or what may have actually happened between the time she was last seen and when she was reported missing on Thursday morning.

Authorities haven’t clarified on whether or not there have been extensive ground searches for the 6-month-old infant. However, supporters of the infant’s father have been searching and handing out flyers in hopes of getting to the bottom of this disappearance. Authorities in Shasta County want the public to call if they’ve made any unusual sightings that could pertain to this case, or if they think they may have information regarding the child’s disappearance.

[Photo: Shasta County police handout/Ember Graham]