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‘Dirty Dancing’ Hotel Fire Destroys Lodging Where Film Was Set

dirty dancing hotel fire

If seeing it was on your bucket list, the Dirty Dancing hotel fire may have put a kibosh on your ability to tick off all your boxes.

One of the biggest films of the 80’s was Dirty Dancing, catapulting the now-deceased Patrick Swayze to superstar status and making a name for co-star Jennifer Gray, who played the sheltered character Baby to Swayze’s Johnny. The film was a big sleeper hit, resonating with audiences across America and becoming the first movie ever to sell more than a million copies on VHS. (As an aside, could you imagine the handwringing that would occur if a movie called Dirty Dancing were to be popular among teens nowadays?)

Dirty Dancing was set in the Catskills (holla!), and recalled a more innocent America than even that of the 1980’s, which seems similarly innocent through a 2012 lens. The movie recalled the once prominent “borscht belt” of upstate New York, and its many resorts, with the film set in a fictional version of one of the region’s popular hotels, Kellerman’s.

There was no actual Kellerman’s resort, but several of Dirty Dancing‘s scenes were set at what was most recently the Grandview Palace condominiums on state Route 52 in Loch Sheldrake. The cabins were once the prominent Brown’s hotel, which served many New York City summer travelers in the Borscht Belt’s heyday. According to local news sources, residents displaced by the Dirty Dancing hotel fire were taken to the local Sullivan County Community College fieldhouse after the weekend blake, while firefighters continued to battle the flames. (Clip below.)

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15 Responses to “‘Dirty Dancing’ Hotel Fire Destroys Lodging Where Film Was Set”

  1. Joyce Gogley

    It was filmed at Lake Lure N.C and mountain lake in Pembroke Va.

  2. Teresa Scott Akey

    I was in Lake Lure in 1985 and it was their claim to fame.

  3. Cammie Arrowood Finnell

    Yeah, was filmed in Lake Lure, NC & VA NOT NEW YORK!!!

  4. Sherry Lynch Barrett

    Article falsely makes it seem it was filmed in NY. It was inspired and set in the Catskills. Filmed ar Mountain Lake Hotel in Pembroke Va. Very much in business. I used to work there. Only a few scenes were filmed in nc at lake lure.

  5. Ronald Peterson

    Interesting that the film location in NC burned down too.

  6. Summer Nicole

    No the location in NC did not burn down. Saw it today as I do everyday. This was a huge deal back in the eighties. I know alot of the extras in the film and still enjoy picking them out as I watch.

  7. Lisa Tankersley

    some of it was…….I was just up there this past summer. The scene where Baby is practicing coming down the stairs was definately at Lake Lure, NC – it's beautiful there for anyone who hasn't benn…….

  8. Stephanie Cole Dalton

    I am from Asheville, NC area. I remember when they came to town to film. My sister was losing her mind because Patrick was SO close. This article is false and full of mis truths.

  9. Matthew Likens

    I was their when I was 8 I used to waterski on lake lure NC, I remember when the cabins burnt down I got to see the steps they danced on and the log the only thing left was Patrick's cabin and the restaurant because arson, 0hh yea the mirrors 2 happy 25th

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