dirty dancing hotel fire

‘Dirty Dancing’ Hotel Fire Destroys Lodging Where Film Was Set

If seeing it was on your bucket list, the Dirty Dancing hotel fire may have put a kibosh on your ability to tick off all your boxes.

One of the biggest films of the 80’s was Dirty Dancing, catapulting the now-deceased Patrick Swayze to superstar status and making a name for co-star Jennifer Gray, who played the sheltered character Baby to Swayze’s Johnny. The film was a big sleeper hit, resonating with audiences across America and becoming the first movie ever to sell more than a million copies on VHS. (As an aside, could you imagine the handwringing that would occur if a movie called Dirty Dancing were to be popular among teens nowadays?)

Dirty Dancing was set in the Catskills (holla!), and recalled a more innocent America than even that of the 1980’s, which seems similarly innocent through a 2012 lens. The movie recalled the once prominent “borscht belt” of upstate New York, and its many resorts, with the film set in a fictional version of one of the region’s popular hotels, Kellerman’s.