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Gas Prices Won’t Fall From One Day Gas Boycotts

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In 1997, a gas boycott was organized to protest rising gas prices. People from around the country decided not to buy gas for one whole day. The gas boycott took billions of dollars out of the pockets from oil tycoons who promptly dropped the price of gas 30 cents.

It’s a great story right? Unfortunately, it isn’t true.

Several Facebook posts have been urging people to hold a “gas out” on April 15th to protest rising gas prices. Most messages are posted along with this story:

“In April 1997, there was a ‘gas out’ conducted nationwide in protest of gas prices. Gasoline prices dropped 30 cents a gallon overnight.”

According to Politifact, the 1997 “gas out” is a fictitious event that was created in a chain email and has now leaked onto Facebook. Patrick DeHaan, a senior petroleum analyst at, said that the story is “an outright myth/lie” and that there’s no evidence to support it.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration, which tracks gas prices from week to week, said that April 1997 started with gas prices at $1.19. At the end of the month, the price was $1.18.

DeHaan said that in addition to the 1997 “gas out” being a fictitious event, the premise behind the idea is also ridiculous. A one day gas out won’t diminish the demand for gasoline. It will just cause people to buy gas the day before or the day after the boycott.

DeHaan said:

“If there was any single day ‘gas out,’ it would never have a direct impact such as what is suggested. Shifting demand from the gas out day to the day before or after results in zero change in gasoline demand and, therefore, has no impact on overall demand.”

Avery Ash, manager of regulatory affairs at the automotive club, AAA, added:

“(A gas boycott) just doesn’t make economic sense. It’s not ultimately going to have any impact on sales, on consumptions.”

A gas boycott isn’t going to bring down gas prices but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to fall. A new report shows that gas prices around the country have peaked.

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15 Responses to “Gas Prices Won’t Fall From One Day Gas Boycotts”

  1. James Tuzzolino

    Great journalism is this a gay boycott a gas boycott or gays boycotting gas for a day or….never mind if u want to do something like this everyone stop using EXXON gas and see what happens after awhile.

  2. Anthony Acker

    I have a gas boycott, bought a Prius at 47 miles to the gallon, if everyone gave up there truck that has never had anything hauled in the bed except for some plants from Home Depot… then prices would fall.

  3. Anonymous

    you don't think this will work try it. or better yet every one cut back on the gas they use by 20-30% for 30 days.and see what that does to the low life oil speculators, big oil co., and them GOD DAMN DUNE COONS IN THE MIDDLE EAST!

  4. Rich Bessette

    I agree…..a one day boycott is hard enought to even plan. Just stop buying from Exxon/mobil period! If they start losing sales, they are forced to drop costs…leading others to follow suit.

  5. Elizabeth Ann Yancey

    I agree with you Rich, I do avoid the Exxon/mobil completely I use to buy from them but not since all of this starting happening, it is absurd that Americans have to to ripped like this everyday, I hope it ends soon we cant go on paying these prices and the rising cost of food.

  6. Anonymous

    why does everyone point fingers at trucks? there are plenty of cars that gey shitty gas mileage, but you rarely hear them mentioned! and no I do not have a truck.

  7. Raymond Martucci

    all gas companies have gone very high in there prices, maybe if people spend less at the pumps as hard it will be maybe it will hurt them again. it is our money not there's so let them know how you stand for your money. don't feed these rich oil companies.

  8. David Bartch

    The biggest reason gasoline is expensive is because they sell futures like grain, grain harvest is influenced by weather fuel costs are influenced by greed. Buy low sell high a boycott that lasts for a couple days would create that market glich to burn their @#%ses and oil companies benefit because profits are a percentage , that's mutiplication.

  9. Michael Gayon

    truth is, all these gas companies have a back channel communication system in place and they all plot how to drive the gas prices up for maximum profits for all. If you believe anything else you are buying into their disinformation.

  10. Anonymous

    what if we all boycott Exxon one week boycott Shell and so on then that would hurt.

  11. Janet Hoggard

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