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Carlie Christine: Playboy Model and now Ex-Cheerleading Coach


Parents of cheerleaders who were cut from the squad at the Casa Robles High School in Sacramento have taken revenge on the cheerleading coach by having her fired. But its the grounds they had her fired on that make this story a little more spicy than normal: the coach Carlie Christine is also a Playboy model.

Christine was featured as Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Week in the second week in February, with the shots also finding their way online. Parents of the cut teenagers found the shots, and naturally took copies and placed them on the headmasters desk.

According to local reports, the pictures caused a scandal at the school:

“And I was in shock that I knew the girls had seen it and knew about it,” a parent told CBS13. A lot of parents and faculty are talking and looking. “The whole football team has seen it,” says one parent.

Deadspin has more details here, and the NSFW pictures can be viewed here.

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27 Responses to “Carlie Christine: Playboy Model and now Ex-Cheerleading Coach”

  1. donnacheer11

    Hey parents, you've given Carlie grounds for a lawsuit. She wasn't dismissed for the photos, she was fired for doing her job. The girls had too many unexcused absencess from school so she dropped them from the squad, in retaliation the parents brought the photos to the notice of the school. Major lawsuit. Hey parents, heres an idea, “how about making sure your brats are in school where they belong.”

  2. John E. Bredehoft (Empoprises)

    I have known of instances in which cheerleading coaches who DIDN'T pose in Playboy have been fired because of parents whose kids were NOT cut from the team. Things can get ugly even in good circumstances.

  3. Serefina Moon

    Absolutely shameful behavior by the parents involved.

    I hope she sues them in to bankruptcy, along with the school.

  4. People are full of $%!*

    Let me get this straight. The parents got her fired on the grounds that this is unethical that she was in a playboy magazine, so where is the good ethical behavior when you people where looking through these magazines and saw her and said, “Hey, this is my cheerleading coach?” You people are full of crap. You want to be ethical and holyer than God, but you people are more rotten than the ones who seem to be unethical people. I do support good ethics and standards of moral 100%, but what you people are doing is not supporting that. You are hypocrites and you perceive it not! Donnacheer11, I wish you were right about the grounds for a lawsuit, but unfortunately schools have contracts with the teachers that can null their contract with the school if such things are not reported prior to submitting an application with the school board. These things are usually in the contract that the teachers sign prior to employment with an educational insitution.

  5. Jbowser

    Parents have trusted school staff, clergymen, bus drivers, babysitters, family members etc. Our children need better examples. They need to be able to trust the so called adults in their lives. This was seen by students that in turn it got brought to parents attention some how.
    The children need to have dress codes; that the schools in forced to start out with. I see less cleavage and hinny at Hooters! They leave their homes with no self respect. The parents let them leave at 13 years of age with chest exposed for all to see. The hinny hanging out.The boys have the pants so low with a belt so tight that it is probably cutting off circulation.
    The teachers have to try to help these kids to learn, while they (the kids) are texting each other during class. Teachers have to remember these are children dressed to expose them self and make a scene at every possible turn. How can we say this teacher is wrong when so many parents let the children dress like they are on the prowl?
    I know this because I work with the school system and it is not good, The things I see and witness – scare me as a parent and grand parent. Parents need to get their act together and leave the teachers alone. I am female and do not think what this teacher did was right, due to her field of work. She does need to set a better example. Kids do need to be able to look up to the Adults that are there to help them.

  6. Bert

    This is insane. only in america do we fire a person for doing there job becuase they showed some skin. its not like she was in a porno getting railed. she freakin posed for playboy. i would definitly sue the parents of the kids if i was her becuase i no for a fact that those girls threatened to blackmail her and did.

  7. Jeffro

    She's hot. Good for her if she wants to pose. Playboy probably pays better than a cheerleading coach salary anyway. :)

  8. The Man

    Ok this is for all the ignorant people out there, be a good parent and you wont have problems with your children being able to participate in any school activity ( its the parents fault their kids are idiots ).

    I think its pathetic that your delinquent child could convince you to condone the removal of this teacher.

    Theese are the scumbags that make me sick. What behavior is more pathetic that of the child or that of the parent to have the teacher removed… Either way what the teacher did was not necessarily in line with what i would want teachers doing in their spare time she shouldnt have been fired for that reason alone… look at the dates the pics were taken and look at the time she took her job…..

  9. erick shuwn

    i wish i went to that high school. i would have definitely laid the pipe after school.

  10. klarson

    i am a senior at Casa Roble. i think it is absolutely insane to fire her. yes she posed for playboy, but in no way did she influence the girls to do the same or talk about it in front of anyone. These parents cost her a job she loved for their spoiled children. There are very strict rules for trying out for our cheer or drill team. And it is very clear what the rules are and i think that those parents need to grow the f*ck up.

  11. mcoop

    who cares if she took her cloths. Give her back her job. theirs nothing wrong with a female naked body unless she fat

  12. Teamrazor

    I am a Male Cheer advisor/Head Coach for a local High School and College in SOCAL. So I am always aware of what I am doing, But for her to lose her job over this is totally unacceptable. I feel for her and yes she as a right to take this up with council. Just think for me how much blackmail I get when I have to kick someone off the squad. We now live in a country where sexual scandals are the norm. But for parents to have someone fired in this time is very selfish. How many stars have posed for playboy and now are well respected. (Ex Carmen Electra….)She has made it clear what she has done in the past and now makes millions on training videos. If she has what it takes to coach a bunch of HS girls then Kudos to her & to turn the team around awesome job!!! Carlie Becker if you need a job and want to head down to so cal drop me an email. We can coach together… The Straight Male Cheer Coach and Former Playboy Model… I am an EOE employer. Good Luck with this and I am sorry for your loss. I know you treated this girls like family.

  13. DJ9194cr

    Most of what i have read here sounds more like guys covering for a hot girl again. The parents of that community and those kid's have the right to request the removal of any teacher or influence that they feel is not in the best interest of their kids. The teachers are not celebrities negotiating for a TV spot so “Wrongful Termination” is at best ludicrous. The headliner is inflammatory in and of itself strictly on the publicist desire to want to sell to people in the public who are addicted to media hype. So for those who consider this “Revenge” I would think twice and mind your own business. Playboy and its models have operated for years using this kind of media bomb tactic to get the people who can't think for themselves to buy into some scandal that we really should just let go. As for you moron jocks and guy..wake up..its not gonna score you any points to pick her side so realize the media is playing you and get a life.

  14. Jacob Webb

    Christine is clueless and shameful! Three cheers to the parents with integrity and morals that reported her.

  15. Tony

    Seriously though, even though its her business whether or not she does this, its her own thing, im sure she doesn't promote it at school, it's not during her working hours, so she has EVERY RIGHT to do this. Whether its blind dates, playboy, whatever it may be, it's not during her working hours at that school!

  16. stupidisasstupiddoes

    actually they dont have the right to request the removal of a teacher for engaging in lawful behavior outside the classroom, because they dont approve. they do have a right to restrict hteir children's involvement in cheerleading however, which is what they should have done. theres no evidence that she was doing anything inappropriate as part of her job.

    talk about needing to mind your own business…


    Who gives a shit if she posed in Playboy? She was doing her job and the girls just wanted revenge. The parents don't have the right to request the removal u dumb ass. That's just what you think should happen.

  18. gw student

    hell my tenth grade english teacher posed for playboy. i dont see whatthe problem is

  19. PATTON

    Yes, there are many legal issues! The only proof is that Carlie did not recieve any complaints until after the world wide exposure. The choice to bypass many standard actions that the school has to resolve this kind of issue and to prevent it from the rest of the students and world wide by confidenciality and breaking the law by the adult content avaiable to all the minors world wide! It is illegal for minors to be exposd or possess any adult content or the 'real kicker' of the intent to distribute! This involves all the adults and minors involved! There is also harassment, hate violence, extortion, discrimination, threatened doing nothing illegal! Why do you think the school comments are withheld for personal confidentiality? Is there something that is even worse then what they have already done or allowed? All the people that are against Carlie are not capable of understanding this situation or not wanting to, simply put! Every reason for doing the wrong and illegal actions can only be for all the others and not Carlie! All the minors who did not know, do now and world wide, not a choice by Carlie but everyone else! Carlie's choice to pose nude legally on only one playboy website for adults only and paid membership with a different name then what the school and community knows to prevent minors from viewing or knowing! Carlie made a choice not to advertise her nude pictures to anyone at work or not and proven by NO complaints prior to this nude situation! Carlie has taken responsibility for her past choices and actions that are legal for adults and agree with being careful of your choices and actions that can be found in the future as an adult! Carlie is not responsible for all the minors that can get access to adult content but the parents are along with the truth that nude pictures are legal for adults and not for minors! There will be legal actions if you are caught having access, possession or to distribute so they know all the information to make an informed decission when that time comes! There are NO comments on the resolve of the adults allowing the minors to gain the access on-line or these steps, actions, security, conselling that are being recommended to teach the minors correctly and the support! The firing of the coach that did nothing wrong or all the incorrect opinions of Carlie are doing nothing as if it solved anything instead it made it worst! If your are going to make an opinion and complain about something you percieve as wrong then first you need to understand it correctly, know the proof and then offer some solutions too!

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