Madeline Stuart Fans Petition ‘People Magazine’ To Put Australian Teenage Model With Down Syndrome On The Cover

Madeline Stuart is, in many ways, a typical Australian teenager.

She spends her time studying at college, hanging out with her best friend, Jamie-Lea, and her boyfriend, Robbie, spending quality time with her mother, and also makes time for cheerleading, dancing, gymnastics, and cricket. She watches her weight and works with a personal trainer to keep herself in excellent shape.

And until about a month ago, Madeline Stuart lived a fairly normal life. That is, until she went from relative obscurity to international fame in a matter of days, simply by sharing her story on Facebook.

Madeline Stuart has Down syndrome, and because of her condition has struggled with her weight. As Just Something reported, Madeline became frustrated when her weight prevented her from performing handstands and cartwheels during her gymnastics training, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. She started working with a personal trainer, began swimming five times per week, and started cricket training with the Special Olympics. And just in case she didn’t already have enough activities on her plate, she added hip-hop dancing and cheerleading to the mix.

Madeline Stuart’s personal trainer, Casey De Sousa, spoke with the Daily Mail about Madeline’s attitude towards her exercise regime.

“She’s absolutely awesome in here: she comes in and says hello to everyone, she talks to the other trainers and every time she trains with me she just gives 100 per cent. She’s just so positive.”

As a result of the back-to-back exercise regime, Madeline Stuart lost in excess of 44 lbs and her new slim, athletic figure gave the 18-year-old Brisbane teenager a new goal to strive for: she decided to become a model. Madeline revealed her story and her aspirations on Facebook, and people started sharing her story. It wouldn’t be long before she would gain international recognition and launch her modeling career with a bang.

Things move fast in the life of Madeline Stuart, and she quickly built a following on Facebook that she calls her “Facebook family.” Madeline is quick to update her Facebook family with all her daily activities, and must spend hours a day personally responding to be thousands of positive comments she receives from her fans in Australia and worldwide.

Madeline’s big break came when Australian fashion label Living Dead gave Madeline her first real modeling job.

Having Madeline model their new range of clothing brought in so much business and loyal fans to Living Dead, that Madeline Stuart has since been inundated with modelling offers. She is always quick to share her success and daily activities with her Facebook family, which is growing every day.

The latest news from the whirlwind life of Madeline Stuart comes in the form of a petition which implores People Magazine to put Madeline Stuart on the front cover. While still in its early days, the petition is steadily gaining support.

There is no doubting it – Madeline Stuart is a young lady on the move, and her high spirits, positive attitude, and zest for life will see her go from strength to strength.

Madeline has also been asked to model on the catwalk at the Autoimmune Metro Style Fashion Show in New York in August, 2015. Whether or not the petition is successful, Madeline Stuart has already shown the world that physical beauty and true inner beauty can coexist.

And although Madeline Stuart is building her name and career on the international stage, her mission remains the same: to change the way people define beauty. Madeline’s mother, Roseanne, spoke with Australian Channel Nine’s Today Show about her vision for Madeline and people with Down syndrome around the world.

“I don’t want people to say ‘oh, I’m sorry’ when I say I have a daughter with Down syndrome, I want people to say ‘oh my god, she must be so beautiful’.”

Madeline Stuart put it even better herself on her Facebook page.

“Make sure everyone knows that a model rocking her extra chromosome is fully appreciated by society. This is our chance to change the world. I love you all xxx”

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