Liquid Cocaine In Breast Implants: 22-Year-Old Paola Deyanira Sabillon Caught With 3.3 Pounds Of Cocaine [Video]

A woman was arrested after Colombian airport police discovered her breast implants contained 3.3 pounds of cocaine,, reports the Guardian. The cocaine was in a liquid form, and it was the odd behavior of 22-year-old Paola Deyanira Sabillon that led to her arrest in the Colombian capital of Bogota. After Sabillon acted nervously during her attempts to reach Spain, police began looking more into Paola as a traveler.

What they discovered was nothing short of amazing, with the young woman risking her life to carry liquid cocaine through the airport via her breast implants, reports NBC News. It was police commander Colonel Diego Rosero who reported what security turned up from Sabillon’s weird looking breasts at the El Dorado International Airport in Bogota. In the YouTube video of the incident, Paola can be seen wearing a pink jacket covering her breast implants as an officer speaks to her about the incident.

It’s estimated that Sabillon tried to smuggle approximately $47,000 worth of the liquid cocaine to Barcelona, Spain, via the breast implant method. Surprisingly, it’s not the first time that a woman has been caught trying to get cocaine past authorities through her breast implants.

As reported by the Inquisitr in 2012, Spanish police arrested a Panamanian woman in Barcelona also trying to smuggle cocaine within her breast implants, however, that recent and also suspicious breast implant surgery revealed nearly two kilos of what appeared to be powdered cocaine.

The Daily Mail reported that the large amount of cocaine in the breast implants would’ve likely killed the smuggler. Besides liquid cocaine being smuggled inside breast implants, authorities have also previously found cocaine being smuggled inside of butt implants as well.

Barcelona authorities are reportedly more adept at searching for cocaine being smuggled into their area via a variety of means, such as breast implants and more odd locations. Paola was caught on June 20 after her nervousness led authorities to have the woman taken to a clinic and have her breast implants examined.

The X-rays Paola underwent revealed that the liquid cocaine had been housed within the breast implants recently implanted in her — initially called an unknown substance until tested. Paola experienced the surgery at a make-shift clinic a city named Pereira, which is located in western Colombia. The implants containing the liquid cocaine were taken out of Sabillon in a Bogota hospital — and Paola is receiving treatment for an infection likely caused by the breast implant surgery.

[Image via YouTube]