The Kardashians Reportedly Accept Tyga Amid ‘Pleazer’ Rap Controversy

Tyga has gathered a lot of controversy lately — not just for dating a 17-year-old, but also for rapping about their alleged sex life. According to a new report, the Kardashian clan has “accepted” Tyga into their family, despite all of the controversy. Kylie Jenner and Tyga have been rumored to be dating, although neither person has ever confirmed the rumors.

It was Kanye West who helped the Kardashians accept the rapper into their family. West has nothing but good things to say about Tyga, 25. According to report in this week’s Us Weekly magazine, West has gotten the Kardashian family to accept Kylie Jenner’s relationship with the rapper.

The tabloid claims that Kanye and Tyga are even making music together. The source told the magazine that “Tyga is Kanye’s protégé. He’s like family already.” Kanye has no problem that Tyga is dating Kylie and has asked the family to approve him. According to the source, the Kardashians “like Tyga.”

It’s unclear whether or not the Jenner clan approves of Tyga. The source also added that Kardashians also “don’t want Kylie to grow up so fast.” The family still wants their daughter to focus on school more than on her alleged relationship. Kylie and Tyga have reportedly been dating since September of last year, but have been seen in public over the past few months.

This comes amid the controversy about Tyga’s new song, called “Pleazer.” In the song, the rapper raps about his alleged sex life. Tyga also says that he’s about to “catch a felony for it,” meaning his bedroom activities. Tyga’s friend, Boosie Badazz, also raps on the song. During his verse, he talks about having sex with someone he calls a “real d**k-pleaser.” He also name drops the Kardashians in the song. You can check out Tyga’s x-rated songs at the E! Online article.

Fans have been wondering if he was referring to Kylie Jenner in the song. Well, Tyga has taken to Twitter to claim the song is not about his girlfriend. However, some reports claim that Tyga has known Kylie since she was just 14-years-old.

The rapper wrote: “Pleazer is almost 2 years old! It still bangs tho!”

According to a new TMZ report, Tyga was rapping about sex, but about his alleged sex life with Kylie Jenner. Boosie is backing up his friend about the song being recorded before Tyga’s alleged relationship with Kylie. He claims that the “felony” line is a metaphor for rough sex, not actual felony sex or statutory rape. Boosie also claims that it’s unfair for fans to use Tyga’s lyrics against him.

How does Kylie Jenner feel about the racy song? Apparently, she’s a big fan of it. Tyga’s alleged girlfriend shared a Snapchat video of herself driving and listening to the song. Kylie even lip-synced along to some of the lyrics.

What are your thoughts on Tyga’s “Pleazer” song? Do you believe the song is really about Kylie Jenner? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Mike Windle / Getty Images for Equinox]