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Flashmob Visit 9-Year-Old’s DIY Cardboard Arcade [Awesomeness]

It’s not often the Internet makes me feel good about humanity, but now it’s happened twice in one day. Un. Precedented.

Anyway, after seeing Jon Lovitz own a trio of teenage bullies with Twitter (yay!), this cherry on the good feeling cake arrived: a 9-year-old’s DIY cardboard arcade getting awesomely flashmobbed.

Caine Monroy is a 9-year-old boy with a dream: a dream to own his own arcade. That can be a difficult endeavor when you’re nine, so Caine did the next best thing: he built his own arcade out of cardboard, like some sort of truly awesome dude.

Every weekend, he would join his dad at his spare auto parts store in East LA to build new machines and wait for customers at the front of the store.

Alas, Caine never used to get that many people playing his games, but one of those who did stop by was Nirvan Mullick. Inspired by Caine’s efforts (and quite rightly, because the kid is a little genius), Nirvan decided to shoot a short film about Caine’s Arcade.

He then went one step further: he set up a massive cheering flashmob to attend Caine’s cardboard creation and filmed the kid’s response. And the good vibes don’t stop there, folks: apparently Reddit has started a fund for a scholarship to send Caine to engineering school when he’s older!

Basically, if you like happiness and joy, you’ll like this film.

Hey, I’m not crying, man. I’ve just been cutting onions.

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