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The Rachel Dolezal Issue: Why Being ‘Transracial’ Is Not The Same As Being Transgender

Since it’s been revealed that former NAACP director, Rachel Dolezal, is really a white woman, people have been praising her for her courage to come out as a “transracial” woman. Both the media and celebrities have been sharing their thoughts and creating “think pieces” about how courageous her story is. Meanwhile, others have bashed her for lying about her roots and her entire family history. Either way, the word “transracial” has been compared to the term transgender.

Many in the media have asked that if Cailtyn Jenner can come out as “transgender,” then why can’t Rachel Dolezal come out as “transracial.”It’s also been a hot topic on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, both of which created polls and started debates on the topic.

Some have also argued on the topic. People Magazine wrote a punchy story about how “Rachel Dolezal’s case can’t be compared to Caitlyn Jenner’s.” Even the always-progressive Huffington Post have the following headline, “Why comparing Rachel Dolezal to Caitlyn Jenner is detrimental to both trans and racial progress.”

In People’s article, a psychologist explained why living as a “transracial” person is not the same as living life as a transgender people.

“‘Most people who are transgender, (when they are) as early as 4 or 5, believe already that at some level that they are a child born with the wrong anatomy.'”

Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, revealed her true gender identity to Diane Sawyer back in May. She said that “for all intents and purposes, I am a woman.” Jenner was not living a lie. She said that she struggled with her gender identity for almost 70 years.

As for Dolezal, she’s being investigated by authorities for fraud. She may claim that she identifies as “black,” but she still fabricated her life story, including how she was raised. Dolezal went to great lengths to change her appearance and to fake her race. Her decision to identify aas another race was an active choice, while Jenner’s decision to transition into a woman is mostly involuntary.

Being transgender means that you are born with the characteristic that make you male or female. Transgender people are the gender they feel they should be. “Transracial” isn’t a real thing, it’s a belief that was made up from social justice warriors (SJWs), most of the Tumblr crowd. A person’s race is part of their roots and family history. That can never be changed, no matter how hard a person changes their appearance or becomes exposed to another culture. However, the word “transracial adoptee” is an actual term used for a person who was raised by a family of a different race.

Still confused?

Trans people don’t want to fully transition since there are more disadvantages than advantages. Trans people transition only to feel the gender they feel inside. Those who claim that they’re “transracial” will transition into another culture because it’s trendy and profitable, or because they want support from people of a certain race. That’s not the case for transracial adoptees who adapted to their family’s culture. As Meredith Talusan of The Guardian wrote, “Dolezal’s her apparent use of skin-darkening agents and products to change the texture of her hair” was use to deceive and manipulate an entire race.

It seems like the discussion on this topic has no end on sight. It seems like most people – including conservatives – aren’t willing to question a person’s race, but they’re willing to question a person’s gender identity. What are your thoughts on the “transracial” vs. transgender debate? Do you think these terms are related or nothing alike? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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